One of the most talked-about stats on the expansion Bucs were that over 140 players suited up at some point during training camp and in the regular season. 141 to be exact. There were also another eight players who are part of this feature but never set foot on the field that year - four simply did not attend camp, three were traded before camp opened, and the other, Anthony Davis, chose to play in Canada before returning to Tampa the following season. And included were the three players that definitely appeared for the Buccaneers but that we simply cannot track down. In the first pre-season game in Los Angeles, a player named McFarland wore 67 and was listed on the gamebook as a DNP. The 4th pre-season game at home to Miami saw a player named Gordon wear 26 and participated. The final two pre-season games against Chicago and Cincinnati had a player named Hammond listed as a DNP. But outside of that information, we know nothing else about this trio.
QUARTERBACKS Meet the nine quarterbacks who were part of the 1976 Buccaneers from Steve Spurrier to Parnell Dickinson. But do you remember Jack Berry or Gary Valbuena? Click here for all the details
DEFENSIVE LINEMEN From the 17 pass rushers and run stoppers came the Bucs’ first Pro Bowler and also the greatest player and man in franchise history. Click here for all the details
RUNNING BACKS 19 different running backs were involved in the expansion year from veterans like Essex Johnson to the first 100-yard gainer Jimmy DuBose. Click here for all the details
WIDE RECEIVERS 18 pass catchers in name but not all of them had that skill. Even the coach’s son, John McKay Jr was involved but one wound up out-peforming all the others. Click here for all the details
TIGHT ENDS None of the nine tight ends involved were on the roster within two years but one went on to a long and successful coaching career in the NFL. Click here for all the details
OFFENSIVE LINEMEN 15 different linemen took their turns in not blocking for the 1976 backfield and QBs but two of them were still there nearly a decade later. Click here for all the details
LINEBACKERS Over 20 linebackers were associated with the 76 squad with one going to be an integral part of the first three playoff teams in franchise history. Click here for all the details
DEFENSIVE BACKS Many of the future stars of the Buc championship team can be found on the 1976 roster including three of the starters. Click here for all the details
KICKERS AND PUNTERS 11 different specialists were involved including some of the best stories of the year from the kicker who had to paint his normal black shoes white for the first game. Click here for all the details
THE COACHING STAFF Some pretty well-known names were part of the Buc coaching staff during that first season including one who went on to be a long-time member of the front office. Click here for all the details