Played the first three seasons in Buc history and also wound up throwing the first TD pass in team history too.
Expansion teams find players from everywhere. Bradford was a 11th round pick of the Jets from 1975 but never ever played in the NFL.
Was picked up in the NFL veteran allocation draft but went off instead to play in the CFL and only returned to Tampa in 1977.
Former USC tailback who played for the Giants and Redskins. Was injured during camp and was placed on IR for the entire season.
Another player who was injured in pre-season and spent the whole year on IR. Did not make the 1977 team either.
Goes down in Buccaneer franchise history for scoring the first offensive TD in the Week 4 game in Baltimore.
Played the 1974 season with the NY Jets having been their 9th round pick that year. Did not make the 1976 Buccaneer roster however.
Had the first 100-yard rushing day in Buc history but not until the 1978 season. Played in every game in 1976.
Had a 15.0 average as a Chicago Bear back - OK, on his one NFL carry. Did not make the Buccaneer squad out of camp.
Became the first player to ever get cut by the Bucs in the regular season when he was released after the Week 1 game.
Had been signed as a free agent but did not make the team and never played in the NFL for any other team.
Went from the 0-13 Bucs to winning a Super Bowl ring as he was signed by the Raiders on their way to the title.
Former 1974 6th round pick Browns who played in the final two pre- season games of 1976 with the Bucs but did not make the roster.
The most famous non-Buc following NFL Films recording the moment he was cut by John McKay and then tracking him down 25 years later.
Veteran who was signed just before the first game and wound up playing every game. Had over 3,000 yards rushing in his NFL career.
Local Tampa high school and college player who had seen some NFL time in 1975 with the Saints and Chiefs.
Claimed on waivers three weeks into the 1976 season and wound up returning kickoffs for the Bucs for the year.
Local product who was definitely not related to Michael. This Pittman never played in the NFL for any team.
Was the starting Buc full back for most of the first two seasons and led the 76 Bucs with two rushing touchdowns.