Was a 6th round pick of the Vikings but came to the Bucs in the allocation draft from Chicago. Did not make the team.
Played in all but one game in1976 having also been a member of the 1972 perfect Dolphins alongside DT Maulty Moore.
Undrafted linebacker who played four games with the Eagles late in the 1975 season. Did not make the Bucs' team.
Played in 12 games with three starts before going on IR having been injured in the loss to the Oakland Raiders.
Was an expansion draft selection from the Bears but did not make the 1976 Buccaneers out of training camp.
Former Dallas Cowboy who played in the final three pre-season games but was released in the final roster cutdown.
NFL veteran of three other teams who played in the final three pre- season games but was released in the final roster cutdown.
Was an 8th round pick of the Cowboys in 1972 and his NFL career amounted to just one game with them that season.
Was selected in the expansion draft but was then traded two days later to the 49ers alongside WR Willie McGee for QB Steve Spurrier.
Played Weeks 5 through 9 as a special teamer and back-up linebacker and amassed one tackle in each area before being released.
Was a 13th round pick of the Cincinnati Bengals in the 1974 draft but never played in the NFL at all. Did not make the roster.
Was signed midway through 1976 and wound up being with the Bucs for parts of two seasons as a special teamer.
Started the first four games and then hurt his knee. Returned for the Denver game but went on IR for good after that.
Was obtained with the Jets in a trade and started 10 games for the 1976 Buccaneers.
Made the most starts of any linebacker in 1976 for the Bucs but was not able to keep his job the following year.
Undrafted free agent linebacker who never played in the NFL at all and did not make the team.
First obtained in the expansion draft and traded and then re-signed as a free agent in Week 2. Declared inactive for one game and then cut.
Was placed on IR with a shoulder injury during training camp and then missed all of 1977 with Hodgkins' disease.
Played in the first three games with two starts before going on IR with a knee injury. Was a camp cut in 1977.
Went by the name of "Psycho" and played the final two games of the 1976 season having been signed as a free agent.
Did not even attend camp. Miami exposed him in the draft knowing he was quitting the game and did not tell anyone else.
Went on to a very successful 10-year career with the Bucs playing in over 130 games. Known as "The Batman".
Rookie out of Miami who was released during the pre-season campaign and never played in the NFL at all.
Switched from center to middle linebacker for his senior year at college and hence got himself drafted but never played in the NFL.
Played running back and tight end in college but was drafted as a linebacker despite not having played the position since high school.