Was traded to the New York Jets in June 1976 for a future draft choice. Never played in the NFL and was not drafted by any team either.
One of the NFL journeymen who came to Tampa looking for a continuance of their pro careers. But it didn't happen for John.
Another of those real unknown players who were part of the training camp equation but never played in the NFL.
The first pick of the expansion draft and a Buc for the first two seasons making 12 starts in the process.
Played some tight end but mainly used on special teams throughout the 1976 season. Became a long-time assistant NFL coach.
Was only a Buccaneer for a matter of days but they were memorable ones all the same as he racked up some frequent flyer mileage.
Interesting combination of a tight end and punter who played in the final three pre-season games for the 1976 Buccaneers
Having been drafted, he announced that he had no intention of pursuing a professional football career and did not even attend camp.
Played the first two seasons in Tampa Bay as the back-up TE but also made three starts in that time too.
Six year NFL veteran who was on the roster for the first pre-season game but failed his physical and was returned to the Dolphins.