THE BUCPOWER.COM PODCAST NETWORK Click on the pictures for that episode or subscribe for free via iTunes or Spotify EPISODE 10 - THE TOP 10 WRs IN BUC HISTORY Doing countdowns of the best-ever is always interesting even if some of the social media posts tend to be by fans who only know recent history. This podcast looks at the full 46-year history of the franchise and takes players from every season, even the very early days of Buccaneer football. I am joined by TJ Rives who offers some great stories and anecdotes about many of the players including why Mike Williams was stopped from doing a live show and why Kevin House was a better receiver than golfer. He does not always agree with the order of the countdown either. And this countdown does not just go statistics - receiving numbers are far different in 2022 than they were in 1982 - 70 receptions now is probably like 40 back in the 1980s so considering the era and even the quarterback throwing the passes has to be taken into account. EPISODE 9 - THE ULTIMATE DRAFT PODCAST Hear about how the selection of Doug Williams changed the world of quarterbacking in the NFL forever, how Bo Jackson spurned the Bucs and chose major league baseball instead. The great night when two Hall of Famers became Buccaneers and then the legendary story of when the Bucs actually drafted the wrong player and then somehow made the situation even worse. Martin Gramatica is our very special guest to talk about what it is like to be drafted and how he got the news in 1999 and we also have Tiki Barber talking about the day two years before when both he and Ronde became NFL players in the same draft. Scott Bradford talks about what it is like to have been to two actual drafts as a fan and we have some amazing draft nuggets in that Bo was not the only Buccaneer draft pick who turned down football to play MLB. EPISODE 8 - SEASON FINALES This is the first time in NFL history that teams will play a 17th regular season game. Most seasons have of course finished after 16 games but there are a few in franchise history that were different. The latest BUCPOWER podcast looks at some of these games with stories about division clinchers, terrible weather and ahem, not trying quite as hard as you might have done. I am joined by TJ Rives who tells tales of freezing cold weather in Tampa and being on a plane ride back from New Orleans listening to score updates.
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