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ON THIS DAY IN BUCCANEER HISTORY - 1994 History maker - Buccaneers 24 Lions 14 After 18 years of trying, the Bucs finally returned a kick or punt for a touchdown when Vernon Turner took a punt back 80 yards in front of the Bucs' home fans. Errict Rhett's running controlled the clock and Mike McGruder stripping Brett Perriman inside the Buc 10-yard line in the fourth quarter preserved the victory. Click here for all the details from this game ALSO ON THIS DAY IN 2005 The Bucs beat the Lions 17-13 to make it four in a row and leading the NFL, a year after finishing bottom of the NFC South. Cadillac was banged up on the sidelines so Brian Griese had long TD passes to Joey Galloway and Michael Pittman and took advantage of a somewhat fortuitous call on a Detroit goal-line attempt.
BUCCANEER BIRTHDAYS Five former Bucs celebrate on October 2nd, the most well-known being DT Robert “Pig” Goff who turns 57. He was a 4th round pick in 1988 and started 18 games in two seasons before being traded to the Saints. K Shane Andrus (42) played three games in 2009 including the London encounter, FB Jamie Lawson (57) was a wasted 5th round pick from 1989, CB Rashaan Melvin (33) was twice on the roster without playing a game a decade ago and WR Nilo Silvan (48) played seven games in 1996 but had a kick return score in the pre-season. It would have been DE Corey Smith’s birthday today but he sadly passed away in the Clearwater boating accident that also took the life of former Buccaneer Marquis Cooper in 2009.
PACKER REVIEW - CHIEFS PREVIEW The dynamic duo is back again. Jason Powers and Peter Blake sat down to look back at the Week 3 loss to the Packers and then ahead to the Super Bowl rematch as the Chiefs come to town. The usual British herbert jumps in to look back at all the past meetings with KC. Available by clicking on the logo or iTunes, Spotify or wherever your get your podcasts from.
TJ’S WEEKLY POD Another member of the awesome BUCPOWER TV network has his own review of Week 3 and even credits his British stat guru in the process. Available on the Bucs’ main site or from all the usual podcast streaming sites.
BUCPOWER TV LOOKS AT THE KC v TB HISTORY Each week this season, I will look back at past meetings between the two teams which means it is a chance to review past Buccaneer-Chiefs match-ups ahead of Sunday’s game. From the expansion season to the 1979 monsoon game, Clifton Smith’s kick return touchdown to Josh Freeman’s five TD performance. They are all here. Please subscribe to the BUCPOWER TV Network on YouTube and share the details to any Buc fans you know. We have so much more coming here for you. Click here to watch this week’s preview