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ON THIS DAY IN BUCCANEER HISTORY 8 December 2013 - A Rainey Day in Tampa Bobby Rainey went 80 yards on the second play of the game recording the fastest touchdown in franchise history. The defense then stepped up with five turnovers and seven sacks making Buffalo QB EJ Manuel look like a deer in the headlights. “The offensive line opened up a big hole and I never looked back,” said Rainey. “Once you get things going like that, you can relax and play your game.” Click here for all the game details, statistics and reports
BUCCANEER BIRTHDAYS Tony Mayberry is 55 today. He was a 10 year Buc and started 145 games through the 90s having been a 4th round pick in 1990. He retired after the 1999 season, his final game being the Pro Bowl that season. Definitely one of the best draft picks in Buc history and one of the top offensive lineman ever to wear the Buccaneer colours too. The other three former Bucs with birthdays on December 8th have a grand total of six appearances between them. LB EJ Junior (63) had been a standout for the Cardinals for many years but was signed during the 1992 season when the Bucs were desperate for defensive help. After two games and one start, he was released as he was that bad. CB Vince Anderson (38) played three games in 2010 but was cut in training camp the following year. C Wally Kersten (63) was briefly on the roster during 1985.
THE BUCS AND THE 49ers For years this series was an annual sacrifice. The Bucs were terrible in the 80s and 90s, the 49ers were winning the Super Bowl most years. And then came two of the most memorable victories in franchise history and both were at the expense of San Francisco’s finest. Click on the link below to look back at the previous match-ups with the Niners with some great video highlights and how the Bucs even started two QBs in one of the games on the West Coast. Click here for the BUCPOWER YouTube Channel review HOME ALONE Tom Brady was Kevin - looking like he would be home alone for Christmas, no playoffs, no hope. The marauding bandits were in town and about to steal away all the Buccaneers’ hopes and dreams for a merry festive time. And everyone around America (and a sofa in England at 4am) were watching it all unfold. But in the best tradition of all Disney movies and Hollywood blockbusters, the unbelievable began to become believable. Toy cars left on the floor, nails on the steps and sharp decorations under the window. Starting at their own 9-yard line with five minutes left, the GOAT began to direct the comeback against a very soft zone defense. But downfield the Bucs went dropping small blows on the intruders all the way. And then he went deep to Mike Evans trading off the touchdown for a pass interference penalty - Cade Otton did the rest. Paint can to the face. “Have you guys had enough or do you want some more?” Click here for the Monday Night editorial
The Bucs now have a 13-12 record on Monday Night Football with wins in six of their last eight - their first MNF appearance was in Chicago in October 1980. The first one in Tampa was December 1982 against Miami