THE 25 WORST BUCS The new countdown of the 25 Worst Players in franchise history has provoked a lot of comment.  But what are the criteria for such a feature?  How does one go about deciding the really bad players from all the really bad years?      Click here for background on the feature
1 DE Booker Reese Just so many legendary stories surround him 2 WR Alvin Harper The biggest free agent bust in team history 3 RB Bo Jackson 1st overall pick in 1986 and chose baseball 4 K Dave Warnke Probably the worst kicker in NFL history 5 KR Dexter Jackson Dimunitive returner who was a 2nd round bust 6 WR Bert Emanuel Free agent bust whose final play is legendary 7 K Roberto Aguayo A 2nd round pick for a kicker who was crap 8 DE/LB Keith McCants A total bust with the 4th overall pick in 1990 9 T Kenyatta Walker So much talent and wasted it over six seasons 10 CB Wayne Haddix The worst Pro Bowl selection of all time 11 CB Rod Jones The original “Toast” for being burned so often 12 WR Marquise Walker Failure from the SB season who sold his ring 13 RB Don Smith 2nd round draft bust and also a drug bust 14 QB Chris Chandler Cost 2nd overall pick - played 13 games 15 Albert Haynesworth Fat Albert played seven poor games in 2011 16 G Brett Moritz 2nd round pick in 1978 who played 6 games 17 DB Lee Paige Strike team player who shot himself on camera 18 QB Randy Hedberg 1977 QB whose rating is the lowest in history 19 Keyshawn Johnson The biggest prima donna in team history 20 S Sabby Piscitelli Safety who specialised in missed tackles 21 K Mirro Roder Missed all three kicks he attempted in 1976 22 QB Larry Lawrence Threw five passes, no completions, two picks 23 P Monte Robbins 1988 4th round pick - never made the NFL 24 DT Dan Sileo 87 supplemental pick - failed radio show host 25  WR Danny Peebles 2nd round pick 1989 - 17 career receptions