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LIVING BY NUMBERS The Buccaneers unleashed their ninth different colour combination for the Week 3 trip to Denver as the new color rush pewter jerseys and pewter pants made their debut.   The Bucs won that game so naturally it becomes the most successful color combination in team history and they are scheduled to wear the double pewter colors again twice more this season (Rams and Falcons). The table below shows the Bucs’ records in regular season games in each of the nine color combinations.   There are two types of all-white uniforms worn in team history, the ones with the orange edging pre-1997 and the pewter tinged ones after the color change.   The 1976 Bucs wore all-white for every game and the orange jerseys, although seen in the pre-season during the expansion year, were not worn until the first home game of the 1977 season. Whilst Vinny Testaverde was playing for the Bucs and stories persisted about his color- blindness, the Bucs wore predominantly white-white in every game.  The only time the Green Bay Packers have EVER worn white jerseys at home was in the 1989 season opener at Lambeau when they wanted to force the Bucs into orange jerseys.  It did not work as the Bucs won 23-21 with Vinny throwing a pair of touchdown passes. In 1992, the Bucs began wearing orange pants with white jerseys, a color combination that history has shown was actually pretty cool even if the results were not.  Legend persists that Sam Wyche wanted to wear an orange-orange combination for the final game of the 1996 season (and his coaching career) but at the moment this remains more an urban myth than proven fact. The Bucs did bring back their orange-white combination for Throwback games beginning in 2009 until NFL helmet protocols put a temporary stop to that.  The franchise definitely wants to do it again but the decision rests at the 2021 NFL Owners’ meeting and the safety committee recommendations. The color rush red-red combination was first seen in 2015 in a game in St.Louis this site dubbed “The Condiment Bowl” as it featured an all mustard team (Rams) against an all-ketchup team (Bucs).  It was hideous but the Bucs still wore that garb twice in each of 2018 and 2019.  Thankfully never again. For the remaining 11 games in 2020, the Bucs will wear their color rush pewter combination twice more, the all-white set-up five times, and the traditional red-pewter, as seen in the Super Bowl, four times.   For me, this is the current best combination although I am firmly on the side of bringing back Bucco Bruce and the orange.  In the post-season, the Bucs are 1-3 in orange/white colours, 1-5 in white/pewter (the win coming in Philadelphia in 2002) and 4-1 in red/pewter (the only loss coming to Washington in 2005).