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BUCKO’S COLUMN Thursday night’s coverage - what is it with these cartoon images of key players?    Just use the normal headshot picture instead of some drawing that looks like it was done by an 11-year old sitting at the back of the class with the crayons and the safety scissors.    But the NFL Network and FOX Sports have through recently announced an extension to their language options for games.  As well as hitting the “SAP” button on your remote for commentary in Spanish, you can now click the “Dickhead” button and get commentary from the BBC for the element of the British audience who are trying to be cool by watching games but have no clue about it (insert UK Bucs club gag here). Attendances at NFL games vary at the moment depending on the rules in each state.   However the city of Philadelphia have requested 100% attendance at all future Eagles games to keep 65,000 assholes off the streets for a few hours. Bucko wants to know why everyone thinks Tom Brady is the GOAT?   I mean, it took him until his 21st NFL season to even be named the NFC Offensive Player of the week.  Even Winston, Dilfer and Vinny did it quicker than that (think about it …).        Bucko has realised though that his 65% completion rate on passes this season is affected by the 20% completion rate to Ronald Jones who drops passes about as often as the Kardashians drop their underwear. A new NFL drinking game for you.  Take a shot every time Troy Aikman says “heck of a …”.   You’ll be smashed by the third quarter.  “Heck of a play”, “heck of a run”, “heck of a game”.   You just sit there begging for him to say something realistic like “ ****ing awesome run there”. Back on Thursday’s coverage and what was with the massive love affair for ACDC and their new single.  Outside the fact they have not been relevant for nearly 40 years, what have they got to do with an NFL game?   Bucko does not recall Howard Cosell and Frank Gifford talking about A Flock of Seagulls releasing “I ran” on Monday Night Football in 1982.   Congratulations to Bruce Arians for recording the second biggest “what the **** are you doing” moment in Buccaneer history when he went for a 4th & 1 at his own 20-yard line in the first half.   Of course the drafting of Roberto Aguayo will remain number one forever. The NFL allowing players to add “Jr”, “Sr” or “III” on their jerseys is getting out of control now.  Then again, imagine if Travis Henry’s Dad had been the 7th member of his family to play football - Travis himself could have emulated one of the most famous Kings of England.