They said it - some other great quotes from the 1976 season

Steve Spurrier
“It prepared me for coaching – it also gave me some good speech material”.

Dick Beam, assistant to John McKay
"If their heart was beating and their hands were warm, then they were on the field."

Tom Bass, assistant coach
"We were the butt of jokes around the country, indeed the world."

Steve Spurrier
“The starting QB for the losingest team in NFL history”

Tom McEwen, Tampa Tribune sportswriter
"The team was bad but the coach was good. I don’t know what we’d have done if we’d had a nobody coaching".

Steve Spurrier
“It was just like a dream coming true that couldn’t come true but did”

John McKay
“My relationship with Spurrier – I had no relationship with Spurrier”

Steve Spurrier
“It might not have been so bad if we’d won a couple of those close games. Not only were those Bucs bad, we were unlucky”

Dick Beam
"We had players who probably couldn't have played on our USC team starting for us."

JK McKay, wide receiver (and John McKay's son)
"We all had our names on the top of our helmets. Some guy came up to me, saw my name and commented that he thought I was too young to be the coach.

Steve Spurrier
"We had a bunch of players who other teams didn't want, including me. I'd been in the league nine years and hadn't done squat."