The 1998 Buccaneer draft review Tampa Bay drafted alternately 23rd and 22nd in this draft. The Bucs traded their first round pick to Oakland for a pair of second round picks. They then traded the second of those 2nd rounders to San Diego in a deal that brought them a 2000 first round selection and gained them an additional 2nd round pick in this draft. Another deal was done with Atlanta to move up in the 2nd round that cost a 4th rounder. The additional 4th round pick came from Baltimore in return for the following year's third round pick as part of the Errict Rhett trade. The extra 6th round pick was a compensatory pick in return for losing free agent. A 5th round pick was sent to the Jets for FB Lorenzo Neal. DRAFT ANALYSIS - Great pick in Kelly and average selections in the form of Green and Duncan. In the age of salary caps and free agency, making sure you get real contributions from rounds 2 through 4 is essential. The first round trade turned out to be worthwhile and all bar one of the Bucs' selections played for the franchise at some point or other.
Jacquez Green
Brian Kelly
Jamie Duncan
Todd Washington
James Cannida
Shevin Smith
2 - WR - Jacquez Green - Florida Started for over two seasons of his four as a Buccaneer but never really had the size to be really successful in the pros. Would have been better as a slot receiver and punt returner, but never had that role for any length of time. Went to Washington to rejoin Steve Spurrier in 2002 but didn't see out the season with them. 2 - CB - Brian Kelly - USC Another great cornerback selection by the Bucs following on from Donnie Abraham and Ronde Barber. Spent time as the nickel back before moving into the starting four in 2001. Should have been a Pro Bowler in 2002 having led the NFL in interceptions. 3 - LB - Jamie Duncan - Vanderbilt Took over from Hardy Nickerson and spent two years as the Bucs' starting middle linebacker but was never much above average at the position. Got found out big-time when he left to join the Rams in free agency in 2002. 4 - C/G - Todd Washington - Virginia Tech Spent five seasons as a back-up on the offensive line and did an adequate job when he got a chance to play. 5 - traded to NY Jets for FB Lorenzo Neal Only played one season with the Bucs but was one of the best blocking backs we have ever had and continued that trait around the NFL for various teams from then on. 6 - DT - James Cannida - Nevada-Reno Spent three years as a back-up on the defensive line and made two starts in the process. Re-united with Tony Dungy in Indianapolis after leaving the Bucs. 6 - S - Shevin Smith - Florida State Just about the last man on the roster during 1998 and 1999 as a special teamer. 7 - DE - Chance McCarty - Texas Christian Never played a down for the Buccaneers. Started his senior year at TCU and had half of ten career sacks in that season. Originally recruited as a quarterback and was No.3 on the depth chart as a freshman and did even see some action behind center before switching to defensive end.
Chance McCarty