The 1991 Buccaneer draft review After having the 7th selection in the first round, the Bucs subsequently drafted 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th and 7th in later rounds. The additional third and fifth round picks came from trading LB Winston Moss to the Raiders, and the extra 10th round pick from the Saints in return for DE Robert "PIg" Goff. The 2nd round pick went to San Diego as the final part of the Gary Anderson trade. DRAFT ANALYSIS - Blowing the top pick is never going to be tantamount to a good overall grade and this detracts from the fact that the Bucs got good mileage from six of their next seven selections.
Charles McRae
Lawrence Dawsey
Robert Wilson
Tony Covington
Rhett Hall
Calvin Tiggle
1 - T - Charles McRae - Tennessee A really nice guy but not a first round pick in terms of performance on the field and definitely not worth the position of being the first offensive player drafted that year. Then again, his former college team-mate Antoine Davis went next to the Eagles and he was a bust at tackle too. 2 - traded to San Diego The second installment of the Gary Anderson trade - definitely not worth it after blowing the first pick in this draft. 3 - WR - Lawrence Dawsey - Florida State Had two good seasons but then got hurt and was never the same player again. Would have been a really good No.2 receiver for a decade if not. 3 - FB - Robert Wilson - Texas A&M Did really well as a rookie, started all but one game and then got forgotten when Sam Wyche took over as coach and was cut in camp before his second season. 4 - S - Tony Covington - Virginia Formed a rookie safety combination with Marty Carter but then was injured in 1992 and never regained a starting spot thereafter. 5 - LB - Terry Bagsby - East Texas State Never played football in the NFL at all. Had played defensive end at 6-0 and 235 points in college but had to switch to linebacker in the pro game and was not able to make the adjustment at all. 5 - G - Tim Ryan - Notre Dame Three years' mileage from a fifth round pick is never that bad. Only made one start but was a valuable back-up on the line throughout his Buc career. Also played a season for the Scottish Claymores in 1995. 6 - DT - Rhett Hall - California Had a couple of pretty good seasons with the 49ers and Eagles after leaving Tampa but was never more than a back-up lineman when with the Bucs. 7 - LB - Calvin Tiggle - Georgia Tech Spent a couple of seasons as a back-up in the middle of the defense but nothing more than that. 8 - S - Marty Carter - Middle Tennessee State Four-year starter for the Bucs at strong safety and then continued his NFL career for another eight seasons with the Bears and Falcons from then on. 9 - WR/KR - Treamelle Taylor - Nevada-Reno Never played football in the NFL at all. Good receiving numbers in a passing offense in college and also a specialist returner which was his primary reason for being drafted. 10 - QB - Pat O Hara - USC Never really had a chance to play for the Bucs having been hampered by injury throughout his college career. Wound up a decade later in the Arena League with the Tampa Bay Storm and has appeared in several gridiron-related films including playing QB Tyler Cherubini in Any Given Sunday. 10 - RB - Hyland Hickson - Michigan State Never played football in the NFL at all. Gained over 1,000 yards rushing as a senior and finished 10th on Michigan's all-time rushing list when he was drafted. 11 - DT - Mike Sunvold - Minnesota Never played football in the NFL at all. Had started for three years in college and played both end and tackle but could not make the jump to the pro game. 12 - LB - Al Chamblee - Virginia Tech Played two seasons in Tampa as an under-sized defensive end and special teamer
Marty Carter
Tim Ryan