The 1989 Buccaneer draft review The Bucs had the sixth overall pick in the first round and then drafted 5th, 7th and 6th through the draft from then on. The 3rd round pick went to New England for WR Stephen Starring. A 7th rounder was traded to Buffalo for LB Eugene Marve and a 12th rounder to Indianapolis for QB Joe Ferguson. The additional 6th round pick came from Seattle as part of the Ron Heller trade. The Bucs gained the two additional 11th round picks and a 12th round pick from the Steelers on draft day in return for an 8th round pick the following year. DRAFT ANALYSIS - If anyone tries to make out that Ray Perkins was a good GM, show them this draft. Busts everywhere. This comes a close second to 1986 in terms of all-time futility, but at least this draft got some mileage out of its top pick. Only the trade for Eugene Marve comes out above average.
Broderick Thomas
Danny Peebles
Anthony Florence
Jamie Lawson
Derrick Little
Carl Bax
1 - LB - Broderick Thomas - Nebraska The Sandman had his moments as a Buc. His natural ability gave him a chance to make a bunch of tackles and sacks when he could freelance. Set a then-Buc record for sacks for a linebacker in 1991 and got the real hump over not making the Pro Bowl that year. Never fitted in under Sam Wyche though and was soon on his way out of Tampa. With the sixth overall pick though, you would have expected more. 2 - WR - Danny Peebles - North Carolina State Had tremendous speed and gave the Bucs a real deep threat. Only problem was that he could not catch the ball. 3 - traded to New England for WR Stephen Starring A third rounder for three career catches as a Buccaneer, one of which being a Hail Mary? Nice trade Ray. 4 - CB - Anthony Florence - Bethune Cookman Never played a down for the Buccaneers. Did appear in six games for the 1991 Cleveland Browns and recorded 0.5 sack. Had transferred to Bethune Cookman from junior college but hardly played in his junior and senior years and his drafting that high was a serious reach. 5 - RB - Jamie Lawson - Nicholls State Never even carried the ball in parts of two seasons with the Bucs and hence was a special teams' selection only. 6 - P - Chris Mohr - Alabama At least this time when Ray Perkins picked a punter, he made the team. For all of one season. And then went on to play in the NFL for over a decade for Buffalo and Atlanta. 6 - LB - Derrick Little - South Carolina Never played football in the NFL at all. Had been plagued by injuries in his final two years at college and his selection was based on potential shown during an outstanding sophomore year. 7 - traded to Buffalo for LB Eugene Marve Never had the chance to play extensively in Buffalo but made up for it during four seasons in Tampa. Led by example and was a poor man's Hardy Nickerson in terms of his role and importance to the team at that time. 8 - G - Carl Bax - Missouri Made the team and even started ten games before getting an NFL suspension for trafficking steroids. 9 - RB - Patrick Egu - Nevada-Reno Never played a down for the Buccaneers. Saw action in seven games for the Patriots that season rushing three times for 20 yards and a score. Also returned a pair of kickoffs. Another really strange selection as he only became a running back in his senior year and even then hardly carried the ball at all. 10 - T - Ty Granger - Clemson Never played football in the NFL at all. Started his sophomore and junior years for the Tigers but noticably was not a starter in his final year and was not good enough to get through his rookie camp in the pro game. 11 - G - Rod Mounts - Texas A&I Never played football in the NFL at all. Started his two years at A&I after transferring from SMU when their football program was disbanded by the NCAA for recruiting infractions. 11 - DE - Willie Griffin - Nebraska Never played football in the NFL at all. A big run-stuffing lineman, he was originally recruited by Nebraska as a tight end and played that position during his freshman year. 11 - WR - Herb Duncan - Northern Arizona Never played football in the NFL at all. Only had 10 receptions in his senior season and 38 his entire career. Was the son of former NFL player Les "Speedy" Duncan. Did spend the entire 1989 season on the Bucs' developmental squad however. 12 - traded to Buffalo for QB Joe Ferguson Veteran passer brought in to back up and mentor Vinny Testaverde which he did for two seasons, making three starts in the process. 12 - CB - Terry Young - Georgia Southern Never played football in the NFL at all. Started for three years at cornerback and won a national Division 1-AA title in his senior season.
Patrick Egu
Chris Mohr