The 1980 Buccaneer draft review The Bucs kept their own first round pick for the first time since 1977 and selected 22nd overall in that round. In subsequent rounds, they drafted 21, 20, 19, 18 and then back to 22 again due to other teams having the same 1979 mark as they did. The additional 10th round pick came from San Diego in a trade for RB Charlie White. A 4th round pick was sent to San Diego for G Booker Brown, a 5th rounder to Oakland for QB Mike Rae and a 6th rounder to CIncinnati for RB Tony Davis. DRAFT ANALYSIS - When you have two selections like House and Carter that prove to be your receiving options for the next seven seasons, then any draft has to be regarded as above average. The choice of Snell was a little disappointing, but this is made up for by the choices of Brantley and Hawkins, a pair of excellent linebackers. Both trades were OK as was the seventh round selection of Jim Leonard. One of the Bucs' best drafts of the early years.
Ray Snell
Kevin House
Scot Brantley
Larry Flowers
Derrick Goddard
Gerald Carter
1 - G - Ray Snell - Wisconsin Started for most of his four-year career with the Buccaneers but never developed into the dominating lineman that the Bucs had hoped with their No.1 selection. 2 - WR - Kevin House - Southern Illinois One of the top receivers in franchise history with two 1,000-yard seasons. Formed a great partnership with fellow 1980 rookie Gerald Carter and started over 80 games for the Buccaneers. 3 - LB - Scot Brantley - Florida One of the finest linebackers in Gator history who only dropped to the third round because of injury. Spent eight seasons in Tampa as a starter and worked for several years on Buccaneer radio for 1010 The Team's afternoon show and as the color commentator with Gene Deckerhoff on game broadcasts. 4 - traded to San Diego for G Booker Brown Deal done in 1978 for a former Chargers' offensive line starter who had had injury problems on the West Coast. Was placed on IR for the entire 1979 season and then did not make the 1980 team out of training camp. 4 - CB - Larry Flowers - Texas Tech Never played a down for the Buccaneers. 5 - traded to Oakland for QB Mike Rae Spent two seasons backing up Doug Williams and gave the Bucs a veteran presence behind the young starter in the process. Started five games when Williams was hurt in 1978. 6 - traded to Cincinnati for RB Tony Davis Played three seasons in Tampa as a special teams player which makes the trade a passable one. 7 - C - Jim Leonard - Santa Clara Solid versatile lineman who spent four years with the Bucs and made nine starts over that period along the line. Jumped to the USFL as many NFL back-ups did in 1983 and had two seasons in the rival league before returning to the NFL thanks to a trade between the Bucs and the 49ers. 8 - S - Derrick Goddard - Drake Never played football in the NFL at all. Played both cornerback and safety in college but not at a high enough level to prepare him for a role in the NFL and was cut in camp. 9 - WR - Gerald Carter - Texas A&M One of the finest receivers in franchise history who formed a great partnership with Kevin House for many seasons. Ranks in the top-15 in most franchise receiving marks and an excellent late round selection. 10 - LB - Andy Hawkins - Texas A&I Another great late round selection in that he spent four seasons with the Bucs, went to the USFL and then netted the Bucs a 6th round pick in 1987 for the rights to re-sign him to an NFL contract. 10 - RB - Brett Davis - UNLV Never played football in the NFL at all. Would have been the fifth Davis in two years to play for the Bucs had he made it through camp. Played two seasons as UNLV with 562 yards on 115 carries in his senior season. 11 - DT - Terry Jones - Central St (OK) Never played football in the NFL and not related to the Monty Python cast member of the same name. A gamble selection having played at a low level of college ball, although his team did reach the NAIA Championship game in his senior year. 12 - CB - Gene Coleman - Miami Never played football in the NFL at all. Left the Hurricanes with a college-record 13 interceptions including three in one game against the Florida Gators.
Andy Hawkins
Jim Leonard