The 2000 Buccaneer draft review The Bucs drafted alternately 27th and 26th through the seven rounds of the draft. The additional 1st round pick came from San Diego as a result of draft day dealings in 1998. The two 1st rounders were then traded to the Jets for Keyshawn Johnson. The fourth round pick was traded to Carolina for the chance to swop picks in the 2nd round. DRAFT ANALYSIS - Keyshawn was one of the best offensive players during his first three years in Tampa and the Super Bowl run making the trade of the two No.1 picks worthwhile. Every other pick contributed in some way even if Whalen was away from the Buccaneers, making this draft a positive overall instead of a negative.
Cosey Coleman
Nate Webster
James Whalen
David Gibson
1 - traded to NY Jets for WR Keyshawn Johnson When the opportunity arises to acquire an All-Pro player, you take it. The Bucs traded their own No.1 pick and the one they acquired from the Chargers in 1998 for Johnson, the first overall pick from the 1996 draft. You cannot fault this blockbuster deal on the field, but Keyshawn's off-field antics saw him suspended from the team in 2003 and then traded to Dallas for Joey Galloway in April 2004. 2 - G - Cosey Coleman - Tennessee Started for the best part of five seasons at right guard and proved to be a solid, dependable NFL pass and run blocker. Left as a free agent in April 2005 for the Cleveland Browns. 3 - LB - Nate Webster - Miami Spent three seasons as the back-up middle linebacker behind Jamie Duncan and Shelton Quarles. Was very indisciplined but finally got his chance to start in the NFL when Quarles broke his arm in the pre-season. Moved on to Cincinnati as a free agent in 2003. 5 - TE - James Whalen - Kentucky Never played a down for the Buccaneers. A good receiver but not strong enough to play tight end consistently in the NFL. Saw some time with the Cowboys and also played a season with the Scottish Claymores in NFL Europe. 6 - S - David Gibson - USC Spent two seasons as a back-up at both safety positions and special teams player without ever breaking into the starting line-up. Was traded to the Colts in September 2002 when Tony Dungy's new team needed someone who knew the cover two defense but returned briefly during 2003. 7 - QB - Joe Hamilton - Georgia Tech Saw three plays in the regular season for the Bucs but did OK in pre-season appearances. Went to NFL Europe in 2002 but after a bright start with the Frankfurt Galaxy, suffered a season-ending knee injury. Went on to play in the Arena League.
Joe Hamilton