A SEASON IN THE SUN - Lars Anderson
Written in 2021.

Winning a Super Bowl will always be a fertile ground for books about how it happened as 2003 saw two arrive on the first World Champion Buccaneer team. This is the second albeit in a slightly different vein as it really only focuses on Tom Brady and his relationship with Bruce Arians and to a lesser extent, Jason Licht.

It tells the story of the pandemic 2020 season from the initial overtures towards bringing the GOAT from New England to Tampa, through to victory over the Chiefs and the immediate resumption of Brady's focus on repeating in 2021. Let's just say that Gisele does not come out of this book smelling of roses from the author's perspective.

It is a good read as it deals with a memorable year in franchise history but is not that in depth or hard reading at any time. There are also a couple of factual errors in there such as the Ricou De Shaw reference being wrongly attributed to the 1976 team that do detract from the overall perspective.

But for Buc fans, it is a book to have on the shelf and it will give you an insight into Brady's way of working and thinking. Just don't expect too much more outside of that.

The official description
The extraordinary behind-the-scenes story of how Coach Bruce Arians, Tom Brady, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came together to deliver one of the most improbable Super Bowl victories in NFL history.

The pursuit was so shrouded in secrecy that it was referred to within the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' organization by codename: Operation Shoeless Joe Jackson. Indeed, the prospect of Tom Brady, six-time Super Bowl champion and widely-acknowledged greatest football player ever, joining the Bucs, a historically hapless franchise that hadn't made the playoffs in more than a decade, seemed about as likely as Jackson emerging out of an Iowa cornfield in the movie Field of Dreams.

But come Brady did. At age forty-three, pushing the boundaries of football mortality and without Bill Belichick by his side for the first time in his NFL career, this would be the ultimate test for the ultimate football legacy. Brady's new coach, Bruce Arians, also had much to prove. One of the great offensive minds of his generation, Arians returned to coaching in 2018, at the age of 65, in search of the one achievement that had eluded him throughout his illustrious career: a Super Bowl championship. Together, like so many aged snowbirds, Brady and Arians had decamped to Florida to make the most of their remaining years.

Renowned sports journalist Lars Anderson was granted extraordinary access to the inner workings of the Bucs' organization. The result is a remarkable work of sports journalism, peppered with wild inside stories and new insights into Brady, Arians, and the Bucs.

From the practice facility to the team plane, from the garage where Brady treats his footballs to the huddle on gameday, Anderson captures the rhythms of perhaps the strangest NFL season ever, turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. In his telling, the Bucs' quest for one glorious season in the sun becomes a riveting sports epic.