Tom Brady achieves a six-figure statistic. Is it unprecedented?
When you're 45 and owner of enough NFL records to clutter an entire wing in Canton, Ohio, every game poses the opportunity to achieve the unprecedented.

Tom Brady did it again Sunday. In addition to orchestrating his first fourth-quarter comeback since last January's road win against the Jets, the Bucs quarterback achieved what is believed to be the first six-figure statistic in major sports history.

Brady's fourth-quarter screen pass to Leonard Fournette put him past 100,000 career NFL passing yards (regular season and playoffs), making him the first pro athlete in a major sport (football, basketball, baseball, hockey) to hit six figures.

He finished the game with 100,116 (36-for-58, 280 yards). "It's all about the win, man," Brady said. "I've never cared about (the records)."

The only other apparent challenger to that milestone may have been former NFL punter Jeff Feagles, who collected a league-record 71,211 punting yards over a 22-season career, according to Pro Football Reference. No one else is even in the vicinity.

Pete Rose owns Major League Baseball's record for plate appearances (15,890), and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds the NBA mark for career minutes played (57,446).

Joey Knight, The Tampa Bay Times, published 7 November 2022