A guide to watching the Buccaneers in London by Paul Stewart of BUCPOWER.COM I have put this guide together for readers of BUCPOWER.COM as many people have contacted me through various means asking for advice for potential trips to London to see the Bucs play the Panthers in October this year.     A little background for some readers may be worthwhile. I created and ran the Bucs official UK fan club for nearly 30 years and have worked with the Bucs on many projects over that time.  BUCPOWER.COM has been going since 2002 and is the most well-known team website in the world.  Many Tampa-based fans will have heard me working on Florida sports radio over the years and I was also the subject of an NFL Films documentary on the 2009 London trip where I took over from the legendary Gene Deckerhoff to call the game on Buccaneer radio. I live 20 miles south-west of London and will be playing host and tour guide to many friends from across the Atlantic for this trip.  In both 2009 and 2011, I arranged over 350 tickets for each game through the NFL UK and Ticketmaster as well as touch football events and other get- togethers.   I am no longer connected with the UK club in any way and my advice to you all is to have nothing to do with their current leadership under any circumstances. FLIGHTS AND AIRPORTS Most Trans-Atlantic flights travel overnight.  So you would leave Tampa/Orlando around 6/7pm and land in London including the five hour time difference around 8am local time.     The return flights leave London around 1pm local time and arrive in Florida around 6pm local time. There are two London airports, Heathrow and Gatwick.  Heathrow is around 15 miles south-west of Central London and is on the Piccadilly Line of the London Underground.   Gatwick is around 40 miles south-east of Central London and there a direct overground train to Victoria in the centre of London.  Do not use a cab/taxi from the airport unless you really have a ton of money to throw away! British Airways do a direct flight from Tampa to Gatwick.    Virgin Airlines operate a direct flight from Orlando to Gatwick.   There are other potential cheaper options that would involve you changing somewhere in the US but you will fly into one of those two airports for London. HOTELS The closer to the centre of London you stay, the more expensive it is likely to be.    My advice is to research different hotels but make sure they are close (within 10 minutes walk) of a London underground station.   Then you can check the Underground map for connections into the centre of London. LOCATION The map that you can find on this page shows the main locations within the centre of London and the other venues such as the airports and where the game will be played.   All of the main tourist attractions can be found inside the green oval in the centre of London.   TIMESCALE You can see everything in London in two days, one at a push.   So either arriving Thursday or Friday morning would work well.   The game is at 2.30pm local time on the Sunday so you would then fly back on the Monday. ATTRACTIONS The main ones you have all heard of.  Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, the London Eye etc.    There are tour buses that travel round all of these which you can get on and off at your leisure.     There are other lesser known attractions worth a look depending on your interests including the different museums, art galleries and of course the iconic picture at Abbey Road that a few of us have already planned. THE GAME AND TICKETS Hardly any Tampa-based fans came over in 2009 or 2011.  This time there are many trips being planned.   The NFL and the Buccaneers will have arranged for a block of tickets to be made available for season ticket holders to use.  Any that are not used are then released to British markets.   I would recommend you contact your season ticket representative at One Buc Place to enquire about this and place your interest for tickets in this way. There is no kind of tailgating on the day at these games.   This is not Tampa where there is a ton of parking and space around the stadium.   White Hart Lane (the name of the ground) has been crammed in amongst existing roads and buildings so trying to arrange to meet someone actually at the ground will be difficult.  Wembley had a little more space and infrastructure.    When the game finishes, it will take you some time to leave the ground, walk to the nearest Underground station and actually get on a train.     Be prepared for a fair chunk of time after the game just getting back to your hotel.  This is Britain, we cannot even leave Europe through Brexit properly! CURRENCY The current exchange rate is around $1.3 to £1.   This is pretty good value for you Americans but not so good for me when I travel to the States.    You can use Visa and Mastercard nearly everywhere but I found additional costs incurred in doing so.   Cash always seems to be better. WEATHER This is London and the British only ever talk about the weather.  It could be sunny and warm and in the high 60s or cold and wet and in the 40s.  Just be prepared for both. DRIVING It’s not worth it.    There is no real need for you to drive anywhere – you can see all the main attractions using public transport.  Whereas Tampa has no real such system, Britain does.  And remember, we drive on the wrong side of the road here. OVERALL If you have any other questions about a potential trip to see the Bucs in London, you can contact me through my Facebook page at Paul Bucpower Stewart or e-mail me at editor@bucpower.com.  Having been fortunate enough to be welcomed by so many great people in Tampa during my many trips to see the Buccaneers, it is going to be great to return the favour this year.