HALFWAY THROUGH 2018 AND IT IS ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE FROM HERE These are troubled times for Buccaneer fans.  Their team is 3-5 but the glass is definitely less than half-full and draining quickly.   A defense that ranks almost last in every major category, starters on injured reserve and a co-ordinator with a pink slip watching the same performance week on week.   There are some positive signs with the No.1 ranked offense in the NFL and huge passing yardage numbers being posted but even this is negated by the polarising subject that is the quarterback position. The past few days has seen social media become particularly unpleasant to anyone who does not support a particular way to fix the franchise.   The Jameis Winston lovers and haters have been doing battle inside the Facebook Octogon and the resulting bloodbath looks likely to continue for another eight weeks yet.   Dirk Koetter looks a dead man walking and probably Jason Licht too meaning yet another blowup and rebuild planned for the off- season.   Gerald McCoy is taking over as Public Enemy No.1 for anything that is not Winston’s fault and the result is a franchise plummeting to the bottom of the NFL Power Rankings. To be honest, the outrage is understandable.  Tampa Bay fans spend their hard-earned money on merchandise, tickets, travel and other forms of support and have nothing worthwhile to show for it in the past decade.  This will be the 11th straight season without a post-season appearance and the drought is beginning to take on the form of the double-digit streak of the 1980s and 1990s.   In those days Hugh Culverhouse took much of the blame for the malaise of the franchse and naturally anger has begun to turn towards the current owners.  One can only imagine how many empty seats will be at Raymond James Stadium in late December. You want to hope things are going to get better with the likes of the Redskins, Giants and 49ers on the horizon but can you honestly see anything changing on the defensive front from here?   Good players are just not out there waiting to be signed at One Buc Place.  Anyone picked up now is a JAG “Just a Guy”.  There is a reason they are on the street and there is no magic coming before the end of this year. The past off-season brought so much hope for the defense with the free agency signings of Vinny Curry and Beau Allen and the trade for Jason Pierre-Paul.   The draft brought Vita Vea and three new faces for the secondary.  The result?   A defense that has been torched for 275 points in eight games.   To give that number some perspective, the Super Bowl team only conceeded 196 points all season.    Leeman Bennett’s two teams gave up 448 and 473 points and the terrible 2011 defense allowed 494.    This year’s edition is going to blow past that number well before Christmas. Jon Gruden famously said “the future’s so bright I gotta wear shades”.   That was a crazy comment at the time that quite rightly got ridiculed by fans and media alike.    Even the most blinkered Buccaneer fan in November 2018 cannot see a bright future right now.   Just more of the same this year and then another coach/GM/roster turnover.   And die-hard Tampa fans around the world are just getting fed up with it now.