BUCKO’S COLUMN The totally politically incorrect one is back again with his irreverant look at the stories around the NFL. The NFL made a big deal about their Thursday night schedule being much improved for 2017.   Last week was Houston at Cincinnati, this week has the Rams at San Francisco.  Week 4 apparently has the Rhein Fire taking on the Scottish Claymores.    You could put Vince Ferragamo and Joe Montana out there at quarterback this week and still no-one would watch. The NFL also deserves credit for giving 14,000 Buccaneer fans sunburn for scheduling a 1pm start in September at Raymond James Stadium.   The entire West terrace looked like a pre-season game in the 4th quarter. Congratulations to Fox Sports’ Shannon Spake on being the newest sideline presenter on their roster.  Amazingly enough, another blonde- haired female got the job.  What are the odds on that happening? The Jets players were upset with the Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch dancing on the sidelines during Sunday’s blowout.  Memo to Jet players - try not getting your brains beaten out every week and other players won’t be able to do it.    Then again, Lynch was dancing to “I’m really from Oakland” by that popular beat combo, Vell and DJ Mustard.   Wasn’t the soundtrack from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” not available? Bucko was surprised to hear that Ezekiel Elliott’s inactive suspension had begun during Dallas’ loss in Denver, specifically the interception return he could not be arsed to chase down. Las Vegas has just announced that their annual “first coach to be fired” bets have now been cancelled.  People with Chuck Pagano tickets can collect their winnings. The Vegas bookmakers have introduced a new competition for Los Angeles Chargers’ home games - guess the percentage of visiting fans that will be in their 30,000 seat soccer stadium.  Miami set the early bar at 40% which is actually more than they get for games at their own venue.   And Bucko loved how the Charger stadium organisers set off fireworks as their potential game-winning fieldgoal missed.   Were they actually appealing to the visiting fans with that one? Sad news on the NFL’s TV coverage - they are no longer showing that classic Cialis advert that always led to sniggering at the back of the class from the more puerile fans (OK all of them).   How are fans going to keep up their interest now in the fourth quarter? Some injury news.  The Ravens announced OL Marshall Yanda is out of their trip to London this week.  Bucko last thought he saw him as a character in “Stalingrad”.   And the Seahawks announced that RB Eddie Lacy was a healthy scratch in Week 2.  Fat Eddie has not been healthy for about two years ever since he left Faber College as Flounder’s larger brother. Statistical anomolies - After two games, the Bengals had as many touchdowns as the Buccaneers did - and Dirk Koetter’s team were still to set foot on the field.    And the whole sporting world knew about the Cleveland Indians having a 22-game winning streak.   The Browns have not won 22 games total since 2011. And news from Europe where the appalling budget airline Ryanair have been receiving worse publicity than Roger Goodell for having to cancel hundreds of flights.   One of those announced as being cancelled were all flights out of Miami to the playoffs in January.