Calling the people of Tampa
People of Tampa lend me your ears. My Floridian friends you are in a very privileged positions to be geographically able to watch the most exciting dranchise in football today. Points galore, the most high octane offense the Franchise has ever seen and exciting games week in week out.
Us international fans take great delight in setting up our laptops, tablets, smart phones or whatever else we can get an internet connection on in order to watch the Buccaneers strut their stuff. We sit up until the early hours on a school night to watch Greg Schiano's team play.

Most of us pay a good chunk of change to watch our team each season and it is worth every penny. We sit around in our lucky jerseys with beers and snacks in tow and watch the games on small screens, and sometimes in questionable quality.

We do this because we love it. We do this because we have to in order to stay in touch. We do this rather than anything else each week. So where are you?

The team deserves to be watched by more than a 50% full Raymond James. The team deserves to be supported through thick and thin. The team deserves to be loved by its local residents. The economy is in a terrible state, but that is not just in the US, not just in Florida and not just in Tampa. Soccer grounds around the UK are full, NFL stadiums are sold out around the country so why it in Tampa?

The Glazer family have invested heavily bringing in some of the NFL's most sought-after free agents, has had successive excellent drafts and slashed ticket prices in an attempt to bring back those fans that once formed a decade long waiting list. So why have the Bucs only had one game of blacked out all year?

Even that was due to a large Saints' following and reduced blackout rules. Come on people! You have the opportunity to witness greatness this season and beyond as Josh Freeman leads these young Buccaneers with their new attitude, without all the bad apples that Coach Schiano has shipped out.

As someone who can't be there more than on the occasional holiday, as someone speaking on behalf of the hundreds of UK based Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans who would love to be at Ray Jay every week and as someone who loves the same team that you do, get along to Raymond James. This team can achieve great things and you have the opportunity to be part of it.