The day the Glazers changed the game
Cheap? Tight? Only interested Manchester United? I'll be honest at various times in recent years I have thought the Glazers were all of these things, and with good reason.

The Raheem Morris appointment was, amongst other things, the cheap option. The free agency that yielded just a couple of mediocre players the calibre of John Gilmore (no offence John) was hugely disappointing for all Buccaneers fans.

But now hands up the Glazers have come to play with the big boys. The signing of Vincent Jackson and additions of Eric Wright and Carl Nicks, and potentially the capture of Curtis Lofton, all on fat contracts means that whatever happens in the rest of free agency elsewhere (including Redskins acquiring 356 mediocre receivers) that the Bucs will be the biggest hitters in Free Agency.

This, of course, doesn't mean all is rosy or that we're clearing space at One Buc Place for another Lombardi trophy, but it does mean we can expect more from the 2012 Buccaneers. With Schiano, and the entire Rutgers staff, leading the way along with, hopefully, reinvigorated young talent like Freeman, Williams and Blount on Offense and McCoy, Jackson and the linebackers on defense, then we should at least be a factor in the NFC South race.

If we can add a couple more top players at CB and RB respectively, be it through the Draft or Free Agency then we are set to be better...a lot better than 2011.

I really hope the Buccaneers don't become the new Redskins by spending millions of dollars year after year in search or instant success. The Pewter Pirates are in the middle of a youth movement built through good Drafts but there it has to come a time when, like 2002 Super Bowl team that you have to add some top quality to push the team to the next level.

With V-Jax, Nicks and Wright on board and the potential of Claiborne or Richardson from the draft I would be disappointed not to make the Play Offs this year, and I think the Glazers would agree considering the money they're spending. The Saints and Falcons look weaker and the Panthers are a couple of years from competing, so why not? A division title is the first step. From there we can all dare to dream.