Enough is enough
Dear Mr Roger Goodell and Mr DeMaurice Smith,

We, the below signed, NFL fans love our sport more than almost anything else. We watch our heroes every week be it on TV, listening on the radio or watching a slow moving coloured arrow move up and down a field on the NFL Game Centre. Football is a love that is shared by millions Worldwide, millions that spend billions on your merchandise, your programming and your tickets every week.

With this in mind you will understand why it is hard for us to comprehend why one group of millionaire playboys are arguing with another group of millionaire playboys about money. Do you see how this looks to us "Joe Twelve-Packs" gents? Ridiculous.

Every year we watch children barely old enough to move out of home get a contract akin to something like two thousand times more than our annual salary. Two thousand. You see that this is ridiculous right? I mean sure the lad can run fast and catch/throw a ball or run fast and bench press the weight of most of our family cars but really? Are you mad?

Meanwhile in the boardrooms of the NFL we see men who are worth billions and billions of dollars, own massive companies, have private planes, trains and automobiles coming out of their ears. You can see why the sympathy for your boys is lacking?

After all this, all the Reebok ads with your boy Peyton, the Head & Shoulders ads with Troy and the Dave's Automobile World off I45 advert with some third strong running back from the Denver Broncos swells the wallets of these guys more. Yep, you're right times are tough!

Roger, we understand that your owners want some more security on their investments? They want to make sure that they're not left out of pocket when Johnny Superstar breaks his leg in his first NFL start under the mass of some chunky D-Lineman, but if we buy a very expensive car our insurance is very expensive! You see how that works Jerry Jones? Robert Kraft? Al Davis?

You see that if you didn't pay such stupid money and put these young men on god like pedastals that this situation might not have happened? Big money, big risk, big insurance premium. Get it? Got it? Good.

And you DeMaurice, your boys don't want an 18-game season? Why not? We fans would love it, more games, more TV, less off season wilderness where writers around the world struggle to find things to write about and end up getting more and more obscure (!).

Your guys don't like the prospect of playing more "International Series" we don't care if you play in Canada, London, Narnia or Never Neverland we just want our football fix. Players work hard, train hard and play hard and we all know that. The game is an unforgiving "collision sport" not a contact sport.

Careers are short and you're a long time retired but its not like these guys are playing out of the goodness of their heart? They are paid a lot of money...even the crap ones (did you see Michael Clayton's contract extension?!?!). For us looking in it looks like rich men wanting to get richer on both sides of the fence.

It's 8th February today guys and you have under a month to sort this mess out. Roger you speak to the owners and tell them to stop being unreasonable, DeMo you speak to the players and tell them to stop whinging and we'll sort this out. You're really not that far apart, are you? Please do not make us write again...that is all.

Yours Sincerely

NFL Fans