The 1976 Expansion Buccaneer Wide Receivers
At least the 1976 Bucs found their two starting receivers through the 1978 season in Morris Owens and JK McKay. The rest of the receivers were a really non-descript bunch who dropped more balls than they caught for the team.
84Richard Appleby4th round pick who never played in the NFL. Started for three seasons in college having switched from tight end and also threw an 80-yard option pass to win a key game 84Freddie DouglasSigned at mid-season and played in the final seven games but only had three receptions for the 1976 Buccaneers.
1 Isaac HaginsOnly played in the first game before going on IR but spent five seasons with the Buccaneers as a KR and WR. 87Kent GaydosPlayed in the first pre-season game in Los Angeles having originally been a 12th round pick of the Oakland Raiders in 1972
81Rick JenningsSigned to the roster late in the season but was inactive for both games and hence never set foot on the field as a Buccaneer. Played for San Francisco and Oakland in the NFL. 83 Curtis LeakWas inactive for just the Oakland game at the end of the 1976 season but that was the sum total of his NFL career. Now more well known for being former Gator QB CJ Leak's father.
Willie McGeeWas selected in the expansion draft but was a Buc for no more than a day as he was part of the trade with the San Francisco 49ers that brought QB Steve Spurrier to Tampa. 83 Lee McGriffStarted three of the six games he played for the 1976 Bucs and yet never caught a single pass. Threw one though.
89John McKay JrSon of the coach but still played in Tampa for three seasons. Was the first player ever introduced to the Tampa crowd. 80 Louis NealHad played 15 games with the Atlanta Falcons in 1973/74 but did not make the Tampa team having signed as a free agent.
85Morris OwensThe Bucs' leading receiving threat over their first four seasons. Claimed on waivers from Miami before Week 4. 23 George RagsdaleWas a 12th round pick in 1976 and was initially a receiver. On IR all of that first season but did play three years in Tampa.
1 Carl RoachesDrafted in the 14th round but did not make an NFL team until 1980 when he became a punt returner with the Houston Oilers. 88Barry SmithFormer first round pick of the Packers who played the entire 1976 season with the Bucs but just four receptions.
81 Don WestbrookHis one moment on the NFL Films presentation of the 1976 season was dropping an easy pass during training camp. 85Wayne WheelerJourneyman receiver who came to the Bucs as a free agent but did not make the team out of training camp.
89 Lawrence WilliamsDrafted by the Patriots in 1975 but despite being involved with three teams that year, never actually appeared in the NFL. 85Joe WylieUndrafted free agent who played in the three final pre-season games for the 1976 Buccaneers but did not make the roster. Never played in the NFL.