The 1976 Expansion Buccaneer Quarterbacks
The 1976 Buccaneers had three different players start at quarterback during that first season and one other who played but a single game.
But there were nine passers in all who can claim to have been part of the worst team in NFL history and here are their details.
Jack BerryWas the 17th round and final draft pick of the 1976 Buccaneers out of that passing powerhouse that was Washington & Lee university. Never even made it as far as training camp. 10 Bill BowermanUndrafted rookie who did actually get on to the field in the opening pre-season game but was released shortly afterwards.
17Bill CappelmanWas a former 2nd round pick of the Vikings in 1970 but had seen little NFL action before signing with the Bucs as a free agent. 18Parnell DickinsonMade one start during 1976 and completed all four passes before getting hurt. Also saw action in seven other games.
19James FooteCame from semi-pro ball to try out for the Bucs but never made the team. Had been a 17th round pick of the Jets in 1973. 5Terry HanrattyWent from the Super Bowl Steelers to the expansion Bucs and made one start against his old team no less. With no success.
13Larry LawrenceRanks last in Buc passing stats from throwing five passes and completing only two - both to the San Diego Chargers. 11Steve SpurrierNow more famous as a coach than the starting QB for the worst team in pro football history. Made 12 starts during the year..
10Gary ValbuenaNever drafted nor did he ever play in the NFL. Was on the roster for several of the pre-season games but got in to play.