The 1976 Expansion Buccaneer Offensive Linemen
Definitely not the strong point of the expansion team. Dave Reavis and Steve Wilson would ultimately go on to have long careers with the Buccaneers, but the 1976 front five were the primary reason for the lack of offense that year.
67 Tom Alward His only year in the NFL was in 1976 with the Bucs and started nine games at both left and right guard. 74Mike Current Started every game in 1976 at left tackle as part of a long career in the NFL with both Denver and the Miami Dolphins.
72 Howard Fest Started every game for the 1976 Buccaneers and of course came out with the most famous quote of that team too. 67Ira Gordon Typical NFL veteran who came to Tampa looking for a chance to extend his career. Didn't happen as he was released.
77Everett Little Was a back-up for most of the 1976 season but did also make one start in the very first game in franchise history. 75Dave Reavis One of the success stories of the expansion draft as he played in nearly 100 games for the Buccaneers.
51 Dan Ryczek Started most of the first two seasons at center for the Bucs before being traded to the Los Angeles Rams. 74Mike Stanfield Managed to get himself on the NFL Films highlight film of training camp but never played for the Bucs and never played in the NFL at all.
65 Dave Thompson NFL veteran who was selected in the expansion draft but did not make the team out of training camp. 73John Ward A former first round pick who started the first three games in franchise history at center before being released.
64Bruce Welch Was the 9th round pick of the Bucs in 1976 but never played for Tampa Bay or any other NFL team. Definitely not related to the Shadows' guitarist of the same name. 79Steve Wilson Went on to start for a decade for the Bucs at both tackle and center. The last expansion Buc to leave the team.
Dan Yochum Never actually played in the NFL in spite of being a 2nd round pick of the Eagles in the 1972 draft and never even attended camp for the 1976 expansion Bucs. 70Randy Young Was signed four weeks into the 1976 season and played as a back-up on the line for the rest of that season.
71Steve Young Started 11 games for the expansion Bucs but did not make the 1977 team out of training camp. Not the other Steve Young!