The 1976 Expansion Buccaneer Kickers and Punters
Specialists are notoriously some of the strangest characters on a pro football team and the 1976 Bucs certainly had some interesting kickers and punters amongst their number that year.
3 Steve Bauer Played in the original World League with the Hawaiian franchise and had been in the 1975 Eagles' camp. Did not make the Buccaneer team out of pre-season however. 2Steve Broussard Played four games for the 1975 Packers averaged less than 32 yards gross. Did not make the Bucs based on those numbers.
5 Greg Enright One of the seven different kickers who were in camp for the expansion Buccaneers. Had seen some time in the World Football League during the 1975 season. 8 Rod Garcia Another one of the seven different kickers who were in camp for the expansion Buccaneers but never actually saw any playing time before being released.
4Dave Green Joined the Bucs for the first game as a puner but wound up kicking for the team for most of the first two seasons. 6 Tom Klaban Was on the sidelines for the first pre-season game in Los Angeles but never attempted a kick in the pre-season and was released well before the actual season started.
5 Booth Lusteg Was in camp with the Bucs and now famous for refusing to play in white shoes so had to get equipment assistant Frank Pupello to paint his regular black shoes white for the game. 7Pete Rajecki German-born kicker who is now in Buc history for scoring the first points against the Rams in the first-ever game.
5 Mirro Roder Had three chances to become the first points scorer but missed all his kicks and was released after the 2nd game. 6Wolfgang Taylor One of the real unknowns from the first season. He was in camp but never played in the NFL and was never drafted by any pro franchise. Came from that football powerhouse of Western State.
4 Randy Walker Another former Packer who tried out for the 1976 Buccaneers. He played all of 1974 but only with a 38.4 average. Did not make the Bucs and never played in the NFL again.