The 1976 Expansion Buccaneer Defensive Linemen
Two names stick out amongst all others from the defensive linemen - well one surname, Selmon. Lee Roy and his brother Dewey although the latter would move to linebacker for the 1977 season. Dave Pear was the first Buc Pro Bowler and Council Rudolph started for two seasons.
62 Bubba Bridges Typical poor veteran allocation draft player who never played in the NFL for the Bucs or the Colts who unprotected him. 60Jim Cagle Had been out of football for all of 1975 having spent his rookie 1974 season with the Eagles. Did not make the Bucs.
70 Steve Chomysak Some 10 years earlier, had been a 12th round pick of the Jets and was a real veteran trying to hang on for one last season. 55Pete Duranko Had been a 2nd round pick in Denver back in 1966 and was also trying for one last season in the NFL but it did not happen.
68 Ron Dzierzak Was a 15th round pick of the Bucs in 1976 and that was totally down to having been coached by then assistant Phil Kreueger at Utah State. Never played in the NFL. 71Tim Guy Was with various teams in the NFL and World League but never actually played pro ball. Was on IR for all season for the 1976 Bucs.
69 Larry Jameson One of the one-game wonders of the 1976 Buccaneers. Was signed for the Week 5 road game with Cincinnati but that turned out to be his only NFL game for any team. 69Ed McAleney Played the final two games of the season having been signed during the year. Now more famous for his "real laugher" picture during the 42-0 loss to the Steelers.
65 Maulty Moore Signed in November and played five games with one start. Also played for the 1972 perfect Miami Dolphins. 76Dave Pear The Bucs' first-ever Pro Bowler and a starter for the first three seasons before being traded to the Raiders.
64 Glenn Robinson Signed on waivers just before the first game and played every game during those first two years in a back-up role. 78Council Rudolph Did what the Bucs expected when they took him in the expansion draft. Two years and he started every game.
61 Dewey Selmon Played five seasons alongside his younger brother first on the DL and then later as an inside linebacker. 63Lee Roy Selmon Apparently he went on to have quite a good career having been a first round pick out of Oklahoma. Ever heard of him?
62 Mitch Sutton Winner of the "best Afro" award in camp but despite 18 games experience with the Eagles, did not make the 1976 Bucs. 74Pat Toomay Started every game on the line in 1976 and had a long NFL career. Now a highly regarded author and writer living in Dallas. .
92 Brad Watson Acquired from the Redskins on waivers but spent the entire season on IR. Did not make the 1977 team out of camp.