The 100 Greatest Buccaneers
As we approach the end of this three-month countdown, speculation will of course begin on the order of the final few names on the list, the best of the best so to speak. But before we announce Kenyatta Walker as the No.1 (OK, maybe not), a few notes and explanations would not go amiss on the subject.

Of course any list as this can never be perfect or definitive. Outside of probably the top 20, you are going to have to generalise. I mean, how can you honestly judge if Curt Jarvis at 92 deserves to be a slot ahead of Courtney Hawkins?

What I did do for those early numbers in the countdown, was group players and rank them within those groups. Once I had established which 100 were going to be included and the 700-odd that were not (that's you Kenyatta), it was more a case of the players being roughly in the right place to make the countdown work.

When we first produced one of these countdowns in 2002, we had some great comments from Buc fans disagreeing with the order, but in the same breath, admitting they had never heard of some of the players. How therefore they could comment on the list was beyond me.

But on the Buccaneers' own message board this week, have come two of the biggest twats I have ever come across. Not only have they just been slagging off the list for the sheer hell of it, they cannot come up with any reasonable idea of their own for such a compilation, and actually know jack**** about the history of the Bucs.

Guys, head over to the Carolina Panthers. You'll fit in great over there. 32,000 fans - five different surnames.
This is the same format that all these TV countdown shows use - don't believe for a minute that "your votes" had any impact on the shows or films or songs they have listed. It also depends on who they can get to offer comments for between the clips.

The Panel
For this countdown, I approached the people who I knew really could provide a realistic Top 10 of the best Bucs of all-time. From the media, Nick Pugliese and Joey Johnston of The Tampa Tribune. From the fans perspective, Denis Crawford (McKay's Men) and Tim Brooks (who really knows his stuff). From our shores, Lee Bromfield and John Davies. And from the Buccaneers, Scott Smith, the internet manager of the franchise. (I was going to ask Ian Beckles but he would have voted for himself, Tony Mayberry and Tyji Armstrong!)

So the actual Top 10 is a collective group decision and a little different to what I had produced. But of all the top 10s, only 11 names came up and the one to miss out was therefore slotted in at No.11.

Will you agree with every position? Probably not, but that is what these countdowns are about, provoking discussion. But what it has done is given every BUCPOWER.COM visitor the chance on a daily basis to remember some of the best players to wear the Buccaneers colours. And that is what this site is all about.

Paul Stewart, 11 April 2007