The Draft Value chart
When NFL teams do trades for draft picks, just how do they work out what a fair deal is? (Note to some FFL owners, a fair deal is not one that you have ever been involved in, eh Martin?!)

The Dallas Cowboys allegedly first came up with the draft value chart although it is now accepted across the league as being the definitive table for working out a pick's actual value.

The chart below shows each of the regular 32 picks for each of the seven rounds, and the figure next to it is the relative value. Hence the first overall pick is worth 3,000 points, the 10th pick is 1,300 points and so on.

So if the Bucs wanted to trade up from 4th overall (1,800) to the 2nd overall pick (2,600), it would cost them 800 points in other picks. They have two second round picks, 36 (540) and 64 (270) which would hence be the price to pay.

But if they traded down from say 4th to 8th in the first round, they would gain a pick or picks would 400 points. This could be done by gaining a 2nd round pick at No.40 (500) but sending back their 4th round pick (100) to make it equitable.