Looking around the NFL
Keyshawn Johnson provided the members of the fantasy league with some chuckles last week. Not only did the mouthy one find himself getting cut by the Cowboys for Terrell Owens, than he winds up signing with Carolina. Lee Bromfield has gone on record that his FFL team will never ever have a Panther on it, and his dislike for No.19 is also well renowned. We await the July 8th fantasy league draft to see if our columnist sticks to his guns for another season.

The news that the Buccaneers had signed massive OL Toniu Fonoti produced some chuckles around the NFL. His weight is listed at "350" which is probably right if he doesn't put both legs on the scales. I remember in the days when William Perry was in the NFL with the Bears and Dan Hampton was quoted as having nicknamed him "Biscuit". "Because he's about a biscuit away from 320" was the reason behind it.

The Bucs once had an offensive lineman who shall remain nameless even on this site, who was under scrutiny by the team for his weight. He stood on the scales in a big coat and came in at 290. "Take your coat off" came the call from one his team-mates. Said player removed coat, put it over his arm and promptly stepped back on the scales. Marvellous stuff - makes even David Beckham look intelligent.

That of course leads on to the famous story about Booker Reese being told to take some tablets for a cold and Mark Cotney and Scot Brantley (allegedly!) told him to put them in the fridge best as that was what the words "cold medicine" meant. I guess in all sports you are always going to find some players not quite as intelligent as others and hence become the butt of jokes. I guess that's just the way it is.

Can you picture the scene after the Bucs' playoff loss to Washington? Kenyatta Walker cleans out his locker, says his goodbyes to some of his team-mates and drives out of One Buc Place dreaming of his huge free agent contract with another NFL team. Three months later, and guess who's back?

And in a totally co-incidental piece of news, the Bucs' insurance premium for Chris Simms' health doubled overnight. Even 15 minutes with Geico couldn't save the Bucs any money here with Kenyatta starting at right tackle.

The Bucs announced this week that the August planned completion date for their new training complex is looking good. Any chance they can then turn their attention to Wembley Stadium which is now looking like the biggest white elephant since Todd Steussie.

Someone passed on details of a fabulous website to me last week. It shows the main index page for any website going back to its origination. Hence if you click on this link, you can go back and see the different incarnations of BUCPOWER dating back to May 2002. Not all the pictures or links will work of course due to re-naming since the date of the archive, but it's a fascinating site all the same.

And finally, from the "will someone please get Paul a life category", I recently got in contact with an NFL DVD dealer in New Jersey who has supplied me with 20 old Bucs games dating back to the 1970s and has another 60 games that I don't have yet in my 150+ game collection. This is how I got the Dave Warnke story and you can expect more such similar features coming in the future. Unless I get a life first of course.

You've been great - enjoy Bruce Hornsby and the Range.

Paul Stewart, March 2006.