Season's over in my house
This weekend see the NFL Championship Games, Carolina at Seattle and Pittsburgh at Denver. All across the gridiron community, fans will be tuning in to see which two teams will progress to compete in Super Bowl XL in Detroit. Except me.

Several people have contacted me following some discussions on the BUCPOWER Message Board, in that I admitted to not watching any of the playoff games now the Bucs have been eliminated from the post-season. And this is true, once the Bucs are out, I really don't have any interest in who wins and who doesn't from now on.

During the regular season, I probably watch far less live coverage than most fans. Once I've finished listening to Gene and Scot on Buc radio from pre-game through to post-game analysis, trying to convince Kerrie to let me then take over the TV for a couple more hours of live Sky coverage is going to be a non-starter. So unless the Bucs have been live on Sky, I rarely watch the actual show.

So my NFL television interest is restricted to NFL Primetime and the likes of PTI and Around the Horn with their highlight and discussion shows. And as I have no kind of second team to support and have no fantasy league interest once the Bucs UK season has ended, I cannot find the reason to honestly get excited about any other game being shown right now. And my dislike for the way British television cover the Super Bowl has been written in previous editorials, so I will pass on that game once again this year.

But I'm not complaining or making any kind of statement with this - it's just that I don't find myself glued to the television screen for playoff football as most other NFL fans too. It doesn't worry me who wins out of the remaining four (although to keep Lee Bromfield happy, I hope Carolina lose Sunday), but the Championship games do remind me of the three previous times that the Bucs have been involved at this stage of the season. One of course, that memorable night against Philadelphia, will live with me forever for it was the moment I realised I would be going to the Super Bowl.

Suggestions for BUCPOWER
One thing I have been really pleasantly surprised at in the last couple of weeks, are some of the great suggestions and ideas that people have been making for improving this site. Whilst it is very nice to hear comments of "it's perfect already" and "can't do anything more", there are always some really interesting ideas that come across on the annual voting form. A future editorial will focus on these ideas and those we can certainly try and accomodate in the future, but it really has made for good reading when I check both my post and e-mail for the voting forms that have arrived that day.

Other thoughts
Being a fan of the Detroit Lions with the Super Bowl imminent, is like waiting for a bus. You wait years for a decent team and then two come along at once.

Word out of Oakland is that Sandie Shaw is going to interview for the Raiders' head coaching job. I mean, working for Al Davis, you might as well be a puppet on a string.

Nine months on from drafting Maurice Clarett in the 3rd round and I guess we can finally combine his selection and the phrase "daylight robbery". Just not quite the association that Mike Shanahan had in mind when he selected the troubled former Ohio State Buckeye.

You've been great - enjoy the Bangles (I know, a blatant rip-off of an SI column but what the hell!)

Paul Stewart, January 2006