Pardon the Interruption - Week 4

Sound effects
Over the past few seasons, the sound effects at RayJay have been getting creative. Every time Mike Alstott rumbles for a decent run (I'll ignore the chance for a cheap gag here for once), a train whistle echoes around the stadium. Now for Cadillac Williams, the sound of screeching tyres is played a couple of times. Clever and a lot better than that annoying Viking horn or the Green Bay fans' chant of "Go Pack Go".

More creativity
Kudos to my old mate Karl Baumann (producer of Sky's coverage of the NFL) for replacing William Perry on set for the second game last week with an old fridge. Even I can't resist the opportunity here by stating that there was no change in the level of reply from the said guest between Messrs Cadle and Halling.

The Fridge in London
You have to give the NFL credit for chartering a cargo plane big enough to bring William Perry over to London for a two-day publicity tour around the media in the city. I remember interviewing him for Channel 4's "The Big Breakfast" in 1995 (and never has a title of a show been more apt). Then-coach Bobby Hammond told me off the record then that Perry weighed in at 380.

The NFL in London
And the reason for Perry's trip to London was to promote an apparent interest in a regular season game in London sometime. Yeah right. Like tell me an NFL team that is going to give up a regular season home game to travel 4,000 miles across the Atlantic? The Cardinals are only playing in Mexico this weekend because Bill Bidwill is being paid a ton under the counter to do it (as are the 49ers), both are notoriously cheap (and now crap) teams, and Arizona move into a new stadium next year. Let's put it this way - do you think the NFL would have given a future SuperBowl to Arizona if they didn't play this game outside of the States?

The Bucs in London
But another pre-season game at Wembley is definitely on the cards and they are going to want to bring over a team with a British link of some kind. And who owns the Buccaneers? And which Premier League team does he own too? Congratulations, you can pass GO and collect 200.

Saints' honeymoon is over
Realisation has set in for the New Orleans Saints and their players, coaches and officials are now facing up to a season on the road. No way they contend now facing that kind of physical and emotional upheaval. They won in Week 1 against Lee Bromfield's favourite franchise based purely on the wave of emotion that poured into them from across the nation. But that can't only go so far and the Saints seem doomed for fourth place in their division. Which is ours. Which is nice.

And finally
The Message Board has really taken off over the last couple of weeks with some serious, not-so-serious, and downright inflammatory comments being posted. Well OK, the latter were mostly from me aimed at various other members of the fantasy league. Just be glad you weren't on the e-mail list last Friday when Steve Careford and Lee Bromfield starting rattling each other's chains. But as Kenny Everett always told us, "It's done in the best possible taste".

September 2005