All change at the top
Two years ago I wrote about the sad departure of one of the nicest people I have ever come across in the NFL, Raheem Morris. 24 months later and it is a repeat performance with GM Mark Dominik following Raheem on to the NFL labour market.

Of course the main news was that Greg Schiano went to and I am not going to go back on the fact that I have been calling for this for some months now. But one thing I am not going to do is take pride in celebrating such a firing as this is childish and unnecessary. No-one wants people to lose their jobs but ultimately being an NFL head coach is a profession where that is an expectation rather than a nightmare.

Looking at the coaching change first, 11-21 and seven wins followed by four is not the stuff future Vince Lombardis are made of. Yes there were some tough breaks, MRSA and injuries, but when you weigh up all the facts, there are too many overwhelming negatives to be ignored.

The kneeldown controversy, the lack of in-game coaching adjustments, having the worst defense in the NFL in 2012, having the worst offense in the NFL in 2013. Being a disciplinarian coach but seeing your team become one of the most penalised in league history and the Josh Freeman situation. And on the positive side ....err... Gerald McCoy's become a good player?

Winning in the NFL can come down to getting the breaks at the right time. Think back to 2002 and the final week of the regular season when the Packers lost on the road to the Jets meaning the Bucs' win over a Bears team in a temporary stadium and their 14th string quarterback gives the Bucs a bye week and the rest is history. Is Jon Gruden a Super Bowl winner without that?

Greg Schiano may not have had the breaks go his way but that is life in the NFL and you really could not see any realistic change in 2014 with more of the same. Ticket sales would have been worse than for an Altered Images concert in Nuneaton and the Glazers took the only action they had left to them.

As for Mark Dominik, that is a lot sadder as I along with several other Bucs UK members got to meet him on both sides of the Atlantic in 2011. I have seen his kindness and generosity on and off the field and there is no-one who has worked with him who has a bad word to say about him.

But just like being a coach, being an NFL GM is a results-based profession and Mark was 28-52 in five seasons with one winning season. For all the good draft picks there were bad ones (Brian Price, Arrelious Benn, Myron Lewis) and the Freeman situation meant he could no longer rely on having drafted and nutured a franchise quarterback.

So the search begins for the 10th head coach of the Buccaneers and a new GM to go along with it. And one will come along and we will get used to them just like we do with a renegerating Dr Who and a new assistant. And of course they will have our support from the start because as Martin Fennelly said two years ago, "the opening press conference is the easiest opponent you ever face".