BUCPOWER.COM is back from a summer recess
It has been a bit longer than seven hours and 15 days to quote Sinead O’Connor’s 1990 hit but BUCPOWER.COM has now returned to regular production ahead of the 2013 NFL season.

And by that I mean the Buccaneers’ kick-off in the Meadowlands on Sunday rather than the NFL’s Thursday night opener to showcase how many ex-players are now pundits on the NFL Network alongside Rich Eisen.

After 11 straight years of daily updates to the site, I decided in January to take a temporary leave of absence from the site to concentrate on other issues such as having a serious competitive golf season.

The site saw a couple of regular countdowns such as the definitive All-Time 53-man Buccaneer roster but the usual stories and updates were left to the likes of Roy Cummings and Stephen Holder to provide.

But now armed with quite a few trophies in my office and all the bucket list of golfing achievements ticked off from the past few months, the putter can temporarily be replaced by the keyboard and the return of the definitive Buccaneer resource site to its place in the daily bookmarks of Tampa Bay fans around the world.

You will already have noticed a distinct change to the initial screens on the site as new web-design software has been integrated together with the switching of the site to a new host after nearly 12 years with Yahoo. All the existing 7,500 screens of player profiles, game reports, statistics and features are still there in their original format, but the continued upgrade of the front screens will progress over the next few weeks.

I also have plans for more features with former Buccaneer players as I am in contact with more than ever now, and some of your favourite BUCPOWER columnists will be around to offer their views and opinions on all things pewter-related as we move into the 38th season of Tampa Bay football.

So to paraphrase Hank Williams Jr, “Are you ready for some BUCPOWER football!