The most boring games in Buccaneer history
Last week's game in Dallas really was one of the most tedious in recent memory. The 10 minute review whilst the line judge tried to remember where he put his wallet, the 26th three and out of the second half for the Buccaneer offense, and the sheer shock when the Bucs actually passed on first down. Or was I dreaming about the last one?

But how did that compare in the tedium table to other games from Tampa Bay annals? Does the NFL have a way of measuring the snoring decibel level for people with NFL GamePass?

Any home game from the 1977 season
John McKay's Bucs went until the final game of the season before they even scored a touchdown at home. And they had five straight home shutouts to boot. So pick any of the 0-10 home losses to Washington, the NY Giants or Chicago for inclusion in this list. All were true snorefests.

1978 - San Francisco (A) Lost 3-6
Mike Rae v Steve DeBerg. The Bucs' offense was so bad that they brought back Doug Williams with his jaw wired shut the following Sunday.

1983 - Detroit (H) Lost 0-11
Jerry Golsteyn went 4-0 in the pre-season replacing Doug Williams. Then it got serious, William Gay had 5.5 sacks in one afternoon and there was no-one left in the stadium by the final minute.

1988 - Buffalo (H) Won 10-5
My old buddy Rick Odioso tried to put out a press release after this game explaining it was the first 10-5 scoreline in the history of the NFL. It wasn't going to work. It was still a shocker.

Those that did not qualify
Before we continue with the countdown, some that did not make the list include the lowest-scoring game in franchise history, the 3-0 win over the Chiefs in a 1979 monsoon. The playoffs were on the line so forget the score. And anything involving Leeman Bennett's two seasons has to miss out because the defense was usually good to give up about five SportsCenter highlight plays per game.

1992 - Phoenix (A) Won 7-3
As nominated by Denis Crawford, although Eddie Murray tried to have it disqualified on account of his missing three fieldgoals from the beach that the Cardinals described as their playing field.

1994 - New Orleans (H) Lost 7-9
The only interesting thing about this game was that it was a Throwback one as part of the NFL's 75th anniversary events. This game set the league back about that long too.

1998 - New Orleans (A) Lost 3-9
The Shula-Dungy-Dilfer combination was in full swing. Three points and a ton of excuses afterwards. It was so bad, Bert Emanuel led the Bucs in receiving.

1999 - Chicago (H) Won 6-3
But Fernando Rodney did get the save.

2012 - Dallas (A) Lost 10-16
It was so bad, even the replacement officials tried to call Roger Goodell to end the referees lockout during the 3rd quarter.

I do have this morbid fascination with watching games like these on DVD just to see if they are as bad as the reports indicate. And usually they are and sometimes worse. Not quite bad enough to want to switch over to the X-Factor, but enough to make you hope that you never have to present a live show on a game like these.

You've been great, try and enjoy Sade (the most boring singer of the entire 80s).