Here we go again
Summer has finally arrived here in the UK. The London 2012 Olympics are about to start (a year earlier than I predicted once on JP Peterson's radio show), and we have had the Open and Wimbledon tennis. This can only mean one thing.

No I was not talking about the 48 hour break in the soccer seasons but the start of Buccaneer training camp. 90 players reported to One Buc Place ready to begin two-a-day workouts in heat and humidity that would even rival trying to do the District Line on the London Underground earlier this week.

All around the NFL, fans of the 32 teams have high hopes for the season ahead. And of course 31 of them will end up disappointed. Perhaps all of them will walk away from the next season better than the Bucs did from that narrow defeat in Atlanta in Raheem's final game as head coach. I mean, with the Falcons clinging on to that 42-0 lead in the second quarter, I thought they were in real trouble.

So the Bucs have a new coach in Greg Schiano and hope is anew. Then again, I remember 12 months ago when every pundit was predicting the young Bucs to make the playoffs and Raheem to become coach of the year. Perhaps all those pundits who are now predicting 3-13 for the 2012 Bucs will be about as accurate once again.

The off-season was an interesting one for the Bucs and it meant that one beleaguered website editor usually had a story to run each day through the dog days of May and June. Eric's DUI, Aqib's acquittal and Jimmie's ill-advised lawsuit. The malcontents (that's you Tanard and Kellen) have gone and although we are not going back to Stuppenfuhrer Perkins and his 1987 camp mentality, Coach Schiano will bring much needed discipline to the roster.

The Bucs have of course off the field done everything they promised to do and a lot more besides. Help with tickets, the signing of Eric LeGrand and promotional appearances all over the Bay area. The fingerprints of the Glazers and Brian Ford could be seen everywhere.

"It cannot happen on the field unless it happens off it" was Malcolm Glazer's comment to me many years ago. Now it needs to happen on the field for the Buccaneers and it starts in the heat of One Buc Place. Football is back.

You've been great, enjoy Sabrina.