The alternative NFL Wonderlic test
It is that time in the draft process when prospective picks take the so-called "intelligence test", 50 questions deemed to ascertain their ability to learn.

Former Dallas first round pick Morris Claiborne reportedly set the all-time low with a 4 this year, making even Vince Young's 6 from a decade ago look positively awesome.

So in the best Extra Point traditions, I thought it time for our own version of the Wonderlic test. See how many you can get right.

Sean has three players he is concerned about on the opposing offense. If he has $25,000 in used five and ten dollar bills, how can he reasonably share the bounty amongst his linebackers without getting caught?

Randy is about 44 years old and still thinks he can play receiver in the NFL. If he starts the 40-yard dash at 12.14pm, what time will the sun dial show when he crosses the line?

Which Arena League team in this sequence for Terrell? San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills ....

If the Buccaneers reduce their season tickets and single game admissions by 25% each season, what percentage of so-called die-hard fans will still try to watch "their favourite team" for free on an illegal internet stream?

If the Patriots win their first three games by an average of 11 points, by what percentage will their UK fan base increase for Week 4?

You are thinking of a career in the NFL - explain in more than 10 words why you think Drew Rosenhaus would be anyone's first choice as their agent.

Wembley Stadium holds 85,000 people. If ticket prices in 2007 were an average of $60 and have increased by 20% more than the rate of inflation each year, in which season will the British public tell the NFL to stuff their annual game?

If God likes watching the Dallas Cowboys, explain why he let his favourite player go to the Jets as a backup?

If 20 years ago the draft was 12 rounds and 2 days long and it is now 7 rounds and 3 days long; how many rounds and how many weeks will the draft be in 20 years time?

Choose the phrase that most fits the sentence - "It wasn't me officer because..... "
1. I wasn't there.
2. It was my brother.
3. I have a mental disorder that makes me do that.
4. Do you know who I am?

Travis has nine kids and maintenance support of an average of $1,500 to each of the mothers. If he has 40% of his original $1,000,000 signing bonus left, when will he next be in court for non-payment of monies?

The Oregon Ducks have four different helmet colours, four shirt colours and four pants colours. How many different combinations can they were before the fashion police are called to one of their games?

John likes red jerseys, Graham likes white ones and Steve likes both. So why do most NFL cheerleaders have big tits?