Looking ahead for the Bucs UK into 2005
One of the sections of the annual questionnaire that always provides some interesting feedback, is that for "What else can the Bucs UK do for you?". Aside from the traditional joke comments along the likes of "free tickets", "free flights" and "free cheerleaders", there are always a few ideas that make myself and Phil consider our plans for the year ahead.

One of the recurring themes was that of DVDs of Buccaneer games and video clips to the website. My current Buc video collection now stretches to some 80 games and I am busy filling in the gaps from those shown on British TV that I don't own. Rick DiBernardo, a new friend from across the Atlantic, is also obtaining highlights of games from the early 1980s too.

The aim, once I've bought a DVD recorder which will be later this week, is to make edited DVDs of Bucs games available to club members. As yet, I have no idea how easy this is going to be and what work I need to do on my PC to edit and produce the disks, but that is the general idea. And from there, I hope to be able to take images and clips for the website. A friend at work did a test copy of a game and I was able to take still images from it without a problem so the technology is there. Is the brain?

Nigel Smith and Paul Beakhouse both suggested a Bucs UK golf day. Those of you who know me will be aware that golf comes even ahead of the Bucs in my life so I am all for this idea. Gary Botteley and I always play on the afternoon of the club meal in Leicestershire, and we will open this up to the rest of the club from now on. Bucs UK golf shirts will be mandatory as will playing off scratch!

A few humorous ideas that came in included winning me the FFL trophy (Clive Williams), explaining the salary cap to Bruce Allen & Jon Gruden (Andy Coish) and getting Sky to show the Bucs more often (Tony McCulloch). On the subject of the latter, I do have to give Karl Baumann credit as he managed to show all 32 teams during his 2004 coverage. Remember the days when we were never shown at all? We have been spoiled in recent years by being successful and it is great to see some of the lesser teams getting live games too. And don't forget - Pontel now do every game on DVD which meant you could see every down the Bucs played in 2004.

What I have to remember constantly in running the site and the club, is who are target audience really are. For Bucs UK members, it is keeping updated with competitions and events. For other visitors to the site, it may be the regular news on the team and players. And not forgetting the biggest selling point of the whole site, the history sections with every player and game featured.

The Bucs UK gets what it does from the Buccaneers because of the incredible rapport that we have built up over the years, not least from the respect this website has created. Hence I often am working on developments behind the scenes on the site, such as the draft page improvements as present time, that you will not see from first glance each day, but that will be noticed over a longer period.

Paul Stewart, March 2005