Watching the draft from the couch
But not live though. Then again, staying up until 4am would probably have meant sleeping through the entire Royal Wedding which is what apparently Prince Phillip did. Come on Roger Goodell, if you really want to bring the NFL across the Atlantic, stop putting on all these middle-of-the-night events!

So on with the DVD the following morning and watching it in real-time but with the added bonus of being able to fast forward through the commercials, the Mel Kiper self-praising eulogies and anything Suzy Kolber had to say. She is seriously becoming mutton dressed as lamb and does not exactly bring any kind of real questioning to the party either.

Cam Newton - I've said it all along will be the next Vince Young and JaMarcus Russell. As in bust. As in a successful QB in college because of his athletic skills not his quarterbacking skills. The guy can't even read his own college transcripts let along any kind of defense. Still, it's only the Panthers so who cares if they will stink up the joint for the next five years?

And to the sound of S Club 7's "Reach for the stars" came some out of left field quarterback picks. Jake "Snot" Locker and Blaine Gabbert followed by one that was past left field and somewhere out of the parking lot when the Vikings stretched mightily for Florida State's Christian Ponder. Wonder if top UK Viking fan Geoff Reader has recovered from that pick yet.

Some of the comments were just priceless as when the Dolphins drafted a center in Mike Pouncey. "Perhaps having a top notch center will make Chad Henne a better QB" fantasised Jon Gruden probably thinking about his next coaching gig in the NFL in South Florida when Miami's 2011 season goes tits up with Henne at the controls.

And as for Gruden's pre-draft interviews and sessions with the QB prospects. That was like asking Hannibal Lecter for an essay on human rights. When was the last time Gruden developed a young quarterback? And no, the Polish pop-gun does not count.

Gruden and Berman teaming up to piss Mel Kiper off about Jake Locker was the highlight of the first round. You would have to take Boomer and Chucky in that fight as Kiper would be scared to get his hairpiece knocked off.

Chris Mortensen and Adam Schecter proved every time they spoke how in-the-know they are about all things NFL. These are real journalists guys, not floozies with a microphone asking if you're happy you're about to get a $30M signing bonus (Kolber, that's you now clear off!)

And then the Bucs got their defensive end in Adrian Clayborn which is all we really wanted to see in the first place. Atlanta gave up numerous draft picks and the rights to their first-born children to sneak up and draft Julio Jones. If only could have thrown in Arthur Blank and his 1960's wardrobe with it.

And you have to love the way Goodell got it in the neck from the fans when he walked on stage. Like no-one saw that coming. The fact that half-a-dozen owners were joining in too was a surprise to him though.

For those of you scoring at home, it was two hours before the first sighting of that odious little creep Drew Rosenhaus, sitting on the couch next to his little thug of a client Jimmy Smith. I did like the negatives on his scouting report "bad character and ill-disciplined". Is he related to Aqib?

And tonight, we get to do it all again with the 2nd and 3rd rounds. John Lynch will make the Buccaneers' 2nd round selection. Last time Lynch made a pick, he returned it 31 yards. Now bring us a pass-rushing linebacker and another cornerback and we can be happy for another 24 hours.

You've been great, enjoy a Flock of Seagulls.