Time for my 2004 awards
One of the nice things about editing a magazine or a website, is the chance to inflict your own opinions and votes on the readers without fear of editorial comeback. OK, so it does mean that everyone else gets a chance to slag you off (see NFL Europe editorials from 2001, 2002, 2003 etc), but it's still an advantageous position to hold.

And it also gives me an opportunity to add a few extra awards and gongs aside from the standard ones you will find in our annual awards voting form. But the basic ones first and a little explanation behind my choices:-

Michael Clayton for Rookie (no brainer), Brian Griese for offense (Clayton doesn't get half the balls without him at the controls), and Torrie Cox on special teams (you have to had seen every return to realise just how good this kid is). Derrick Brooks on defense just ahead of Ronde Barber, and Eli Manning's older brother for NFL Player of the Year.

OK, they're the easy ones. Andy Colvin from First Down always gets my vote as Dickhead of the Year - he's just in a class of his own when it comes to moronic behaviour and writing. But this year there were just so many other possible candidates - Randy Moss, Keenan McCardell, Randy Moss, Keyshawn Johnson, Randy Moss, Ricky Williams, or perhaps even Randy Moss.

Writer of the Year has to be Martin Fennelly and for once, he didn't try and bribe me. Lee Bromfield gets my vote for Buccaneer of the Year as he has now written more articles for BUCPOWER.COM than every other member of the Bucs UK put together. Think about that one for a minute. And with no Trent Dilfer on the Bucs, my favourite Buc is probably now Derrick Brooks for the way he threw Phil Jones out of the lunch queue at One Buc Place back in 1997!

Worst behaviour of the year - Randy Moss, numerous nominations but mooning the Lambeau Field crowd and wiping his arse on their logo takes some beating. The guy is a walking ego-machine who doesn't give a toss about his team or his team-mates. Can you imagine him on the Patriots? Quick pop quiz - aside from Brady and Dillon, name an offensive star on that team. Or anyone from their defense? They are the epitomy of the word "team". Just as Moss is for the word "arsehole".

Hypocrit of the year - Fox Network. Joe Buck (a great commentator by the way but right up his own backside) rightly complains about Moss's disgusting family-unfriendly actions in Green Bay on air. "But after this game, don't forget to tune in for the next great reality TV show Who's your Daddy where a girl tries to identify her biological father". Kettle and pot black are the words that spring to mind.

Best letter ever sent to Sky Sports - the idiot who mailed the set complaining about Peyton Manning being boring and that "all he does is throw the ball". If it was a wind-up, then kudos to the person who sent it, but Nick Halling was laughing so hard at them, I don't think it was a joke. Maybe it was the same guy who mailed Mike Carlson at Channel 5 to ask if the NFL paint the yellow line across the field for the first down before each play.

Thought you were a defensive genius award - Dungy, T (resides in Indianapolis). See same winner, 2003 and 2002. Maybe, just maybe, Monte Kiffin might have been the defensive guru in Buc land all those years.

Fairweather fan award - this could go to all the Buc fans jumping off the bandwagon (see ya, like we'll really miss ya'll), but this has to go to the Viking troll who inhabits the First Down Forum. He disappears for a month whilst Mike Tice's boys are losing game after game, and then after a miraculous one-point victory over the Lions when Detroit fumble the snap on the typing PAT, he re-surfaces claiming he had computer problems for four weeks and couldn't log on. Like whatever.