Super Bowl thoughts and observations
As the dust and confetti settles on another Super Bowl, the eight-month long lovefest with the Green Bay Packers can now begin. Writers from across America can start talking of dynasties, repeat championshups and the numerous MVP awards that Aaron Rodgers is now going to win.

Just one minute boys and girls. May I present the 2009 New Orleans Saints, the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and every other team that has just looked unstoppable in lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy. I have numerous articles in which Jon Gruden's championship Bucs are spoken of as definite repeat winners and perennial playoff contenders. And they went 7-9 the following year.

12 months ago, the Saints were being lauded as the greatest offense since .... well the last great offense to win a Super Bowl. They made the playoffs as a wildcard and then got the proverbial cup of Starbucks coffee in the playoffs in Seattle (although this did result in the greateat single episode of Around the Horn as everyone predicted the opposite before the game).

So the moral here is of course not to put the Packers on their untouchable pedestal just yet. Actually not unless they get back there again next season. In fact not at all.

The Hall of Fame
Once again former Buccaneer defensive back Vito McKeever missed out on his place in Canton. What does he have to do to get there? But amongst the new names going to the NFL's Hall of Fame was Deion Sanders, the only man for whom wearing the official yellow HoF blazer will be a dress down day.

Has anyone actually ever seen Deion and the Cat from Red Dwarf together by the way? Are they one and the same person? They have the same vanity and dress sense.

The Star Mangled Banner
Note to Christina Aguilera and any other diva who wants to put their own spin on the anthem. Get the damn words right otherwise you wind up looking a moron. Like she did.

Worst advert/prediction all in one
Visa who ran their "four people who have been to every Super Bowl" advert down our throats more than LeGarrette Blount during the 2010 season. And then one of them had to miss this year because of illness. I still kept my perfect record of attending every Buccaneer Super Bowl.

TV coverage and predictions
Everyone and their dog made a prediction for the big game. And that labrador in Colorado was so close to the right result. But whilst no-one ever dares pick a blowout in case it does get remembered, who does remember any of the predictions? The only people you would ever hear from are those who got it absolutely spot on.

Newspapers in the UK love doing this. They write all kinds of rumours and wild predictions and then on the off chance that one actually comes true, out come the headlines of "you heard it here firsr". Yes and we all remember the ones you got wrong too.

When it came to watching it here in the UK, the BBC team of Jake Humphery, Mike Carlson and Tiki "second best brother in the family" Barber walked all over Sky's coverage and showed the latter for being the dated production we all know it is. With no adverts, HD coverage and no sign of Halling crying into his Terrible Towel, BBC hammered them and the viewing figures for Sky went down the toilet.

I lasted until just before half-time when at 21-3, I thought it was all over and fell asleep watching the rest the following morning. And for once I did enjoy the half-time show. The Super Bowl XXXVII one in San Diego was good but I was so much more concerned with the Bucs leading 20-3 and being 30 minutes from winning, that I really paid no attention to it at all. And I had even heard of at least two of the Black Eyed Peas songs.

You've been great, enjoy Feargal Sharkey.