The best and worst of the throwbacks
You can blame the NFL for this whole "change your colours once a season" thing. It was part of the NFL's 75th anniversary celebrations in 1994 that each team (Weeks 3 and 4) had a home game with an old school colour change.

The Bucs wore their 1977 all-white uniforms in a home game with the Saints and a Green Bay road game and this being Sam Wyche's team, naturally went 0-2 in the process. At least Raheem had a better record in creamsicles.

I was always against Tampa Bay going back to orange jerseys because of the negative images connected with the old days. But having been at the Green Bay game last season and seen the whole spirit and atmosphere around the change, even an old fogey like me can change their minds occasionally.

The best throwbacks
The really good ones are of course San Diego's powder blue uniforms from the 60s, and the two original green jerseys for the Eagles and Jets. The Titans using the Houston Oiler blue jerseys are good too, as are the Colts and Bears' much older colours.

Seattle would fit here simply because their current uniforms are so bad, as one could also say for the Falcons. And if Denver could just wear their 1980s colours instead of those horrible 1960s outfits, then they would go top of the class as well.

The bad throwbacks
Dallas for starters simply because Jerry Jones only brought out his third Thanksgiving jersey to make more money and was so blatant about it. For true bad jerseys, the 1930s colours of the Packers and Steelers take prime residence in the doghouse. And any team that wears black third jerseys fit in here and Arizona and Baltimore, that means you. The Bucs are now 1-1 against teams doing this outside of Atlanta's regular black colours.

Throwbacks, what are throwbacks?
Some of the newer teams such as Carolina, Houston and Jacksonville don't even have any kind of historical jersey. And the likes of Miami, New Orleans and San Francisco don't really have manjor changes to their uniforms just like the Bucs didn't when the NFL brought this idea in back in 1994.

One last throwback note
Why is whenever I see the Patriots play in their 1980s red, white and blue colours, I immediately think of "The Replacements" and Keanu Reaves quarterbacking the Washington Sentinels? But Gene Hackman was a heck of a more photogenic coach that Bill Belicheat and I really want to see those replacement cheerleaders make it into the NFL.