Enhancing your support for the Buccaneers
So how big a Tampa Bay Bucs fan are you?

That's a real $64,000 question to open up with but an interesting one all the same. I guess you have the painted face, 30 player jerseys and decorate your whole house in Bucs stuff is one end of the scale. And at the other, hey "we" won yesterday, wonder who played quarterback for us.

But whatever level of fan you are (and even I'm not quite at the first level at my age), there are a few ways you can enhance your support in just a small way.

Do you have a Buccaneer wallpaper on your laptop or PC? We have 20 really good pictures in our multimedia section on BUCPOWER.COM (click here for the link) that we have found from various sources. When you live 4,000 miles away from Tampa as members of the Bucs UK do, then any picture of Raymond James Stadium and the Bucs will bring back nice warm memories.

How about a NFL or Buccaneer-related ringtone for your phone? There have been three Buc songs over the years, (click here for the link) with two old school 1970s songs and the infamous Mike Alstott version of the Shrek intro performed by Bubba the Love Sponge. Perhaps each of those is a little over the top.

But at the same link, we also have the Fox, CBS and Monday Night Football themes. I have the latter on my phone and it rang whilst Gary Shelton was doing his interview with me last year before the Wembley game. He couldn't decide if it was really cool or really sad.

The Buccaneers do several radio shows that you can listen to on line, (click here for the link) hosted by a good friend of the Bucs UK, TJ Rives. Raheem Morris does one, Gerald McCoy does another as does Josh Freeman, along with several other players doing guest spots. They are excellent for more in-depth analysis on the most recent game.

And also on the Buccaneers' site, Bucs UK Hall of Famer Scott Smith presents an "Insider" section in which he does his very best ESPN impression. The latest news, player interviews, action clips - it's quick, punchy and well worth checking out each day.

How much do you know of the history of the Buccaneers? BUCPOWER.COM has every season reviewed, every game featured with stats, pictures and game reports. (click here for the link). Why not pick a year and spend an hour or so re-living that season, getting to know the players, the stories behind the results? I did something similar on a F1 site the other day revisiting the 1980s when I first got into the sport.

NFL Fact of the week
Wade Phillips was of course fired as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys this week. But did you know his replacement, Jason Garrett, is the third former Buccaneer player to become a head coach in the NFL? Garrett was the Bucs' third string QB for two games in 2004 but never threw a pass.

The other two were also former Buc QBs, Steve Spurrier (1976) and Jim Zorn (1987) who both had unsuccessful stints coaching the Washington Redskins.

You've been great, enjoy the Reynolds Girls.