So what do you do during a bye weekend?
It's a dead Sunday. No Bucs game, no Gene Deckerhoff, no reason to watch NFL Field Pass, heck does that mean I have to talk to the rest of my family on a Sunday night?

I am not one of these people who gets dramatically excited about other NFL games. In fact scratch the word dramatically. I really could not care less about Donovan McNabb's return to Philadelphia, who won the Saints-Panthers' game or whether one of my fantasy backs has scored a touchdown. I am a Buccaneer fan, not an NFL fan.

So I used my four hour allotment of me-time during the afternoon watching the European's kick Corey Pavin's American golfers all over Celtic Manor. But when normal game time arrived, 6pm here in the UK, it was like a spring or summer evening without the football and without the decent weather to boot.

If the NFL goes to an 18-game schedule as expected in 2012, you can mark down an extra bye week into the equation too just like there was in 1993. OK so it means fantasy league players can have an additional week of enjoyment but it's just another Sunday having dinner with the family in the Stewart household.

History of British TV coverage
Sky Sports produced an excellent 90 minute documentary on the history of NFL coverage in Britain last weekend. OK so it was a bit of a Sky lovefest with Tweedle Dumb getting his face on there far too much but it was well written and featured anyone who was anyone in the sport coverage since 1982.

But it was nice to see Charles Balchin (my director for the shows I did) and Karl Baumann (my producer) getting their faces on camera for once. I spoke to Karl Sunday and told him to stick to his day job. He has always been very supportive of the Bucs UK dating back to the late 1990s and is a really top bloke.

But it was also pretty cheap though to hardly mention Gary Imlach or Mike Carlson just because they are doing Sunday Night games on Channel 4 now. But seeing Nicky Horne, Mick Luckhurst and even Gary O'Reilly again was good. Not sure about that prize muppet Victor X Muhammad or whatever he calls himself now. And the bit where he claimed he really had a chance to make the Jets' roster in 1991 ...what a dork.

NFL Spelling 101
Scott Smith of the Buccaneers has a real pet peeve - it's Super Bowl as in two words. Well I've got a few of my own that I need to get off my chest too. It's offense and defense guys when you are talking about the NFL. An offence is what Gary Botteley sentences people for and a defence is what Liverpool don't have these days.

The guy who returned the first kickoff for a touchdown in Buccaneer history - it's Micheal Spurlock, with the unusual spelling of his first name. I will always remember some pre-pubescent muppet on the NFL UK site claiming he would be his favourite player for like and was getting a shirt with his name on - and then spelt his name Michael throughout the continued thread.

And my favourite one of all - it's Bucs with one C. You can always spot the clown on the NFL UK board by the simple use of two Cs in Buccs. OK so it would be easy for me to mention a certain Bucs UK Vice-President who once said "Give us a B, give us a U, give us a C, give us a C, give us an S - what have you got?" to a crowd at a Clearwater event in 1992. But I would never embarrass Phil Jones like that.