Your suggestions for improving the Bucs UK and BUCPOWER.COM
One of the best parts of the annual questionnaire are the suggestions people make on both the club and the site in general. Some are very good, some are a little "pie-in-the-sky" but traditionally I try to address each of the realistic ideas in a column.

Website suggestions
Individual play analysis
What if I was to mention that this will be a new regular feature with graphical and video breakdown of the Bucs' offensive playbook? And it will start with "Strong Right Gun Y Motion 90 Post 3 Flare"!

Message board is slow to load
If I try and load it directly from the home page, it does take a few seconds. But I have it bookmarked and it loads almost instantly that way.

Better images on front page/Freshen up the look a bit, sharper graphics work
I have invested in a PaintShop type product that enables me to design my own logos as per the ones at the top of each page. But I am always very aware that one man's meat is another's poison and you could never please all the people all the time. But I do try and keep the front page design simple to follow and appealing to both new and old visitors alike.

No automatic video clip playing
I am no web-design expert and would never profess to be. In fact I actually found how to insert video clips into each HTML page by accident. So having found out how to include them, I don't actually know how to stop them starting automatically.

Add a paypal button
BUCPOWER.COM is and always will remain a free site to access for anyone around the world so there is no need for one ever on the site. Bucs UK members were able to pay their 2010 memberships by Paypal this year and a great number too advantage of that option.

Every year the same person (we'll call him Chris Grant for the sake of this article) asks the same question and I give the same answer - when they play for the Bucs!

Interviews with players
The chances of getting something like this are pretty remote even with the contacts I have at One Buc. But I may be able to arrange a Q&A session with some of the former players I know.

Navigation around the site
I do not have the technical skills to make the site top-notch in terms of content management or data sorting and have no inclination to start doing so. And I have never bought into the need to have a "Homepage button" on every page. All you have to do is click the back button a couple of times. Everything is very clearly laid out on the site from the front page down and the structure of the site is something I have been careful on since the very early days in 2002.

Using the site on mobile devices and other providers
Err sorry no idea at all. I design BUCPOWER.COM in HTML and view it in Explorer before uploading.

Film clips of Bob Hewko
Requested by someone stuck on a bus in Uxbridge I would presume. Seeing as this ex-Buc QB only played in two games both only holding for kicks, I reckon there is only one site in the world that could ever produce such a thing (or would even think of doing so)!

Link to Buc and TV radio broadcasts or NFL video highlights
We might just post links to game streams on the message board each week but I would just suggest bookmarking and checking there under the Bucs' team page. That's what I do!

New wallpapers
I have this in mind to update with the best pictures I have for use as wallpapers.

Links to other sites
It is already there on the front page of BUCPOWER.COM.

Avatars for message board
You can make your own and link to them via your profile. I don't run the board like the Bucs do where if you're one pixel too big, you're banned. Nudity and profanity is encouraged but no Panthers, Patriots or Joe Theisman are the club rules.

Info on opponents
Roy Cummings writes a preview of each game that we post on the site each Sunday morning.

Club suggestions
More club meetings/regional club meetings
I put details of where everyone lives on a sheet that went out with the membership CD. Using this, people can arrange their own events in their particular area, watch Buc games together, that sort of thing. The message board is the best place to arrange this. I will do my best to attend where and whenever possible but I think it is down to other people to take the initiative in this respect.

A golf day in Wales was put forward by a couple of people and I can see a potential England v Wales "Ryder Cup" match taking place later this year. And we'll return across the Severn Bridge with the trophy too!

More varied merchandise
I will take pictures of the new 2010 polo shirts and have them up on the site in the near future and also update what else is still sitting in the store room for sale. I am also looking into pens and car stickers although the minimum cost of many of these items does make it difficult to arrange anything realistic.

Membership cards
These were included with the membership CD that was sent out to all club members last week.

More meetings with Bucs (a-la Wembley weekend) and more flag football games
I think Wembley was a total one-off and we will never get close to anything like this ever again. And I personally think we should keep our undefeated flag football status by not playing again especially against Ian Papworth's favourite UK bandwagon team!

Paul Stewart, February 2010