The Week 5 Fearless Forecast
Time to try and be accurate and funny all in one article (insert your own punchlines here). But with the Eagles on the horizon for the Bucs, it's either beat Carolina next week or travel across the pond to visit the British cousins without a win in the bag.

A last look back at Week 4
We won the first half 10-0 and lost the second 16-3 as the usual 2009 Bucs returned. Not enough downfield passing, not enough offense in general and it's 0-4 for the ninth time in franchise history.

Prediction stakes
9-5 last week and now 36-26 overall. The same weekly mark as the Pigskin Preacher and we both trailed Lee Bromfield by three last week and by a mile overall. What is this guy on?

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens
The Bengals are a fluke play away from being undefeated but this is their first real test of the season. Problem is that when they win, Chad Iggle-Piggle or whatever he's called this week gets even more mouthy. Pick: Ravens.

Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills
Two bad teams but just how did Buffalo win a game this year (oh yes, they played us). You really could see this being an upset game but I'll stick to home field advantage just this once. Pick: Bills.

Washington Native Americans at Carolina Panthers
The Jim Zorn watch will be back on this week as the Redskins are a bad team. Jason Campbell can start deciding now which back-up job he'd like next season as he becomes the new David Carr. Pick: Panthers.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Detroit Lions
Having to sit opposite a Steeler fan at work and hear about six Super Bowls every day is bad enough but you just know he's going to be crowing Monday when Pitt win and the Bucs lose. Erik, time to re-write your resume! Pick: Steelers.

Dallas Cowboys at Kansas City Chiefs
Original AFL-NFL turf war bowl. When it was the Dallas Texans going head-to-head back in 1960-odd or even before Brett Favre starting his consecutive game streak. And in a battle of two over-rated quarterbacks, the one with the dumb ex-girlfriend will win. Pick: Cowboys.

Oakland Raydurs at Exit 16W off the Jersey Turnpike Giants
So let's just get this straight. Coughlin's Crusaders play in Tampa, then in Kansas City and now get the Raiders. Who do they play next? The Frankfurt Galaxy? Pick: Giants.

Your very own Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles
The Bucs won 27-10 with touchdowns from Keyshawn and the A-Train and Ronde sealed it with a 92-yard interception return off Donovan McNabb. Well that is the game I intend to watch. Pick: Eagles (sorry but reality exceeds devotion for once)

Minnesota Vikings at St.Louis Lambs
The very first NFL game ever played at Wembley Stadium involved these two cities as a 1983 pre-season game featured the Vikings and then-Cardinals. Even I wasn't at that one but around 30,000 were. Pick: Vikings.

Atlanta Falcons at San Francisco 49ers
Remember when these two teams were in the NFC West? Mike Singletary is really turning the Niners around and working with a pair of SF fans is almost as bad as sitting opposite the Steeler fan. But Atlanta is rested and will come good again this month. Pick: Falcons.

Houston we have a problem Texans at Arizona Cardinals
This has the makings of a shoot-out as you know the Fitzgerald-Boldin-Warner triumverate has to start performing sooner or later. And the Texans are starting to run into late December form a lot earlier this year. But it's the home-field advantage thing again. Pick: Cardinals.

New England VideoCheats at Denver Broncos
I'm still not ready to jump on the Bronco bandwagon being driven at full speed by Woody Paige on "Around the Horn". But in Josh McDaniels Bowl, the Sith master will overcome his young apprentice and he'll probably video it for posterity too. Pick: Patriots.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Seattle Seahawks
Just when we all wrote the Jaguars off, they come up with two huge offensive outbursts and are back at 2-2. Seattle are slumping but have Matt Hasselbeck back this week. Upset pick: Seahawks.

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans
Vince Young watch is in full flow in Country Music land although most Titan fans would probably prefer to see Miley Cyrus. Kerry Collins has lost his magic but Young never honestly had any in the first place. They can both watch the passing god in action at first hand. Pick: Colts.

Paul Stewart,, October 2009