What the next few weeks will see on BUCPOWER.COM
As we finish another countdown and begin the 2009 season, I took stock of where this site stands in terms of Buccaneer site activity. Without question this is the definitive site for the history of the franchise and this is where I will continue to improve matters for visitors to this site.

Each time I ran one of the features I wrote for Buccaneers Review, the hit total took a dramatic spike upwards indicating people just love reading about the old games and the 33 previous years of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So I will be expanding the "On this day" part of the site to make it a major right hand sidebar on the front page with more details of each game in question together with game reports.

The game history screens
The Bucs have played 516 regular season and 15 post-season games in their history. Of course each of those 531 have individual screens on BUCPOWER.COM but I have been long putting them through a rigorous update procedure.

This is currently complete up to and including the 1991 season and Sam Wyche's 1992 campaign is currently being undertaken. For a before and after look, check the two links below to see the difference.

The updated screen for the 1991 season opener against the Jets
The still-to-be modified screen for the 1996 season opener against the Packers
The ultimate aim is for every one of those 531 screens to not only have starters, playing rosters and pictures, but also a video clip from each game and the full detailed statistics and gamebooks. If only I didn't have a real job getting in the way of doing this quicker.

There are now 6,500 different screens on BUCPOWER.COM and almost 10,000 different picture images. Add in the 200+ video clips currently available and yet still we intend to add more. Pretty amazing when you come to think about it.

Player interviews
There are now somewhere in the region of 70 ex-Buccaneer players whom I am in contact with through this site and following the popularity of the interview I did with Dave Reavis, I will be approaching them for the chance of similar such articles. The Bucs will be doing a lot on the 1976 team as part of their throwback game in November and will be utilising much of the information from BUCPOWER.COM in their preparation for that event.

Throw in the regular columns by the likes of Lee Bromfield and Denis Crawford, a return of the weekly "Around the Pirate Ship" column, and I think there will be plenty for BUCPOWER readers to enjoy as well as the latest team news from the best beat writers in the business.

And we're now on this site too. Just search for the BUCPOWER.COM group and join!

Paul Stewart, August 2009