What YOU would like to see added to the site
The annual awards voting form and questionnaire always provides Phil and I with a chance to see how we can further improve the Bucs UK and BUCPOWER.COM and the 2003 entries were no different. It was of course, the first time we have gone to an on-line poll and hence had the comments from our many visitors from across the Atlantic to provide some useful insight.

Jake Jahimiak would like to see an all-time best special teams' squad compiled as a future feature. An interesting idea but I would have to be guessing at some of the players worthy of selection. At least the kicker and punter choices would be fairly easy. Any ideas?

Roger Jacobson wants to be a member of the Bucs UK even though he lives on the wrong side of the Atlantic - perhaps we could have an entry requirement of being able to outdrink myself and Phil for US-based fans to become members.

On this side of the pond, both Martin Lee and Jayne Woollard would like more club get-togethers. Anyone going to the Claymores' 2004 games can let me know and I will publicise them on this site and a few more faces for the annual club meal would be nice too. But this has been an ongoing apathy problem throughout the history of the Bucs UK so is unlikely to change now.

A few things we cannot arrange are training session access for club members (Nigel Smith) and stadium tours (Mandy McWilliam). These are not available for anyone, indeed One Buc Place is now off-limits to the media aside from selected times, hence why Phil and I getting an invite there in October 2002 was such a big deal for the Bucs UK.

Tim Lewis would like help with tickets for Buccaneer road games. Our arrangement with the Bucs' ticket office is for RJS only and there is no arrangement between NFL teams in the same way as English soccer operates. Hence we can do no more than an individual in contacting ticket agencies. I would seriously recommend NOT dealing with the UK sports tour companies as I have yet to see even one that meets its promises in terms of tickets and tours. There is one still offering tours round Raymond James Stadium as part of their package right now even though this is totally off-limits to the public.

Neil Ferguson would like new club merchandise (watch this space for 20th anniversary shirts) and the likes of Paul Greenfield and Martin Howes would like deals arranged for US-based merchandise to be available over here. Ordering from the likes of Buc Heaven or the NFL shop is pretty easy over the internet these days although you can sometimes pick up some import taxes. But it's still cheaper than dealing with the likes of the muppets at Great American Sports in Birmingham.

Mark Woollard would like the Bucs UK to sponsor an Buc in NFLE - Phil's comment on this, once all the expletives were removed, were along the lines of there being more chance of Fulham winning the Premiership. No way are we wasting the club's funds on something totally pointless.

Michael Casey likes the idea of DVD compilations coming our way. This will definitely happen in the future when I start converting all my video collection to DVD media. I am around 80% of the way through sorting my music collection (cue e-mail from John Davies about 80s stuff here) and am around half way through converting all my pictures to digital. Then I can start on the video work, so a timescale would be the second half of 2004.

My thanks to all the people who took the time to enter the awards this year - details of the Bucs UK Hall of Fame selections and other items from the 2003 Awards will follow later this month.

Paul Stewart, February 2004