The Week 10 Fearless Forecast
As my fellow writer, Darin Shaw was quick to point out, I have been a little retiscent with my predictions recently. I will use my recent trip to Tampa and then last Sunday, internet problems as my excuse on this one, but that is about as lame as either my past predictions, or Joey Galloway's hamstring.

So back with a vengance this week and even though I was going to call the Broncos to win by four in a late comeback over Cleveland, I will go into this Sunday's schedule with a 0-0 mark.

Indianapolis Colts (4-4) at Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2)
Tony Dungy's retirement tour could finish in Week 17 if the Colts don't sort themselves out quickly. They are playing for a wild card at best with the streaking Titans in their division, so they are looking at a 6-2 second half to do it. But can they win in the Steel City to start it off. The view from this jury is that they can. Pick: Indianapolis.

Exit 16 off the Jersey Turnpike Giants (7-1) at Philadelphia Eagles (5-3)
So how good are the 2008 Giants? One Monday Night aberation from their own perfect start but now it gets serious. Philadelphia is truly dangerous and the Eagles aren't bad either. Pick: Philadelphia.

Buffalo Bills (5-3) at New England Video Cheats (5-3)
Everyone off the Buffalo bandwagon now? Good. Time to get on the Matt Cassel one as the quietest back-up in the business has started to put some decent performances together. Pick: New England.

St. Louis Lambs (2-6) at New York J E T S Jets Jets Jets (5-3)
The novelty of not playing for Scott Linehan soon wore off and the Lambs are down to former Buccaneer 4th string (and Malicious Penguins) RB Kenneth Darby as their tail-back this week. Their only hope is that Brett "Turnover waiting to happen" Favre starts playing gunslinger for a quarter or two. Pick: NY Jets.

Tennessee Titans (8-0) at Chicago Bears (5-3)
If Interceptersaurus Rex (still the best nickname in the NFL for years) wasn't playing, I would pick this as being the end of the road for the last perfect record of the season. But the Titans defense is going to get their money's worth at some point in the game and the offense won't need to score many to make it 9-0. Pick: Tennessee.

Green Bay Packers (4-4) at Minnesota Vikings (4-4)
Which means one of these two teams will be tied for the division lead come Sunday night. Can the Bucs go back in the NFC Central please? Pick: Minnesota.

New Orleans Saints (4-4) at Atlanta Falcons (5-3)
Some people have called this a trap game. My word for Atlanta's opponents last week rhymed with that anyway. Now the Falcons play a real team instead of the Raiders and they get found out again. It's OK winning against punchbags. Some time this year, the Falcons have to beat someone decent before I'll take them seriously. Pick: New Orleans.

Carolina Panthers (6-2) at Oakland Raydurs (2-6)
30 minutes of football for -2 yards. Was that the 1977 Buccaneer offense out there in Oakland last week? I've recently been watching some of that season's Buccaneer outfit and they were truly offensive in every sense of the word. You'd just love for Oakland to upset the Panthers... but then again, John McCain would like a re-vote too. Pick: Carolina.

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-5) at Detroit Lions (0-8)
So the Jaguars have bad chemistry. The Lions are just bad. Pity the commentary team that gets sent to the Motor City to cover this one. That really would tell you to start looking for a new gig. Pick: Jacksonville.

Baltimore Ravens (5-3) at Houston Texans (3-5)
Sage (and Onion) Rosenfels is another turnover machine waiting to happen and he starts this week against the opportunistic Ravens. With Matt Schaub at the helm, the Texans make it four home wins in a row. But once again, he's out injured. Pick: Baltimore.

Seattle Seahawks (2-6) at Miami Dolphins (4-4)
Seahawks on the road - automatic home win. Pick: Miami.

Kansas City Chiefs (1-7) at San Diego Super Chargers (3-5)
The safe pick in most survivor pools this week. San Diego are rested and under new defensive co-ordinator Ron Rivera, teams won't be putting up 30 points a game on them any longer. They looked bad in London defensively. Now their second-half play-off push begins here. Pick: San Diego.

San Francisco 49ers (2-6) at Arizona Cardinals (5-3)
Last time the Cardinals were on Monday Night Football, Rod Tisdale was doing his "Show me the money" routine for Tom Cruise. Over/under on pants gags about Mike Singletary is 10 per half from Tony Kornheiser. Pick: Arizona.

Paul Stewart,, 9 November 2008