Have we taken your ideas on board?
Each year, we send out a questionnaire to Bucs UK members asking them to vote on various club awards, and also offer their own suggestions for how to improve BUCPOWER.COM still further. Time to take a look back at some of the ideas from the past two years to see if we are meeting requirements.

Marc Kemp and Paul Frost - expand the fantasy league
The Bucs UK Yahoo Sports League was open to everyone in the club and also through the message board and we increased the number of players to 22 (20 from the Bucs UK). But neither of the people who suggested the idea actually entered!

Our intention is to expand this league still further in 2009 and as well as keeping track of total scores, design a head-to-head schedule with two conferences and playoffs. And I will sort out a pretty special prize for the winner of the overall championship too.

Mark Howes and Paul Greenfield - video clips play of the day
This one of course you all know we have been able to do. The pulling and editing of the clips does take some time but I try to work a couple of weeks in advance so they are always ready for uploading each day.

Ian Costain - weekly predictions of NFL games
Have you see how bad I am at this? I'm not only getting my arse kicked by Lee Bromfield in this respect, but Darin Shaw on TBO.com is also wiping the floor with me as well. At least my fearless forecast is a lot funnier than his column though, in spite of my 1980s song title reference one a few weeks back.

Steve Grant - more merchandise and models to wear them
The new Bucs UK T-shirts are now on sale from Phil at 12 each but the original picture did have him modelling them. I don't think my camera has quite recovered yet.

Luke Moseby and John Gill - highlights of Buc games
Lots of options here. NFL.com runs a free weekly review of each game on their site, and Nick Houllis has made entire games available for download from the board.

Mark Bradley thought it would be a great idea to see me on "Mastermind" with the Bucs as my specialist subject
Well I did apply and only got turned down because the BBC had a problem with my having worked on the NFL for Sky Sports. So Paul Davison took on the role having reached the final and scored 16 out of 17 on the subject.

Live match streaming (Noel Brain)
You can either pay through the nose for the NFL Field Pass option as I know some people have done and the quality is excellent. Or you can log on to the message board during a game and someone will have posted a link for how to watch it for free!

Other ideas in the pipeline
I am currently renovating every game screen and adding the gamebook pdf files that I was able to obtain from the Buccaneers when I was in Tampa recently. I am also adding secondary stats to all the game screens and more pictures and even a game video clip where possible.

The video countdown will be re-done into 10 x 10 sequences and made available to Bucs UK members as part of the 2009 membership pack.

And some of the competition prizes that I will be able to offer over the next few months will have to be seen to be believed

Paul Stewart, 13 November 2008