Bucs over the Packers - how I saw it unfold
On a day when football came a distant second place to more personal issues, Matt Bryant did more than just kick three fieldgoals to provide the margin of victory. He showed everyone what true character, emotion and above all, love for a family really can mean.

Watching the game unfold, any frustration over interceptions, celebrations over fumble returns, were completely shelved when Matt kicked his third fieldgoal of the afternoon and pointed skyward in memory of little Tryson. You could see the emotion welling up in the face of his great friend Josh Bidwell. No words needed to be said - the pictures said it all.

If you get a chance today, watch the press conferences on the Buccaneers' own sites, and in particular the ones of Jon Gruden and Matt Bryant. And then say a prayer for Matt, Melissa and their family.

The Bucs
On the field, turnovers and victories. It is 20 years since Vinny Testaverde threw 35 interceptions in one season to set an NFL record. And Brian Griese seems to be having a really good go at trying to match the colour-blind one.

Now you know that Jon Gruden will not let it get that far but all these picks are one day going to come back and haunt the Bucs. The defense cannot keep bailing the offense out with great field position and touchdowns, and Jon referred to this during his press conference.

The gameplan during the 4th quarter became a lot more conservative after the third pick, with 11 of the final 12 plays being runs. Whether we see Ground Gruden in Denver next weekend remains to be seen, but you can expect a lot of work being done at One Buc Place this week on ball control.

And again, more kudos for the offensive line. Over 175 yards rushing and no sacks. How good is this line going to be when Davin Joseph returns? Now all those high picks spent on the likes of Joseph, Arron Sears and Jeremy Trueblood look like being pretty astute ones.

Paul Stewart, TBO.com, 29 September 2008